Update on last week

Hello everyone!  Life has been full since I last did a blog so this is the first time I have been able to update you.  Last Saturday I was able to relax more with my beloved even though his was still not very well.  I was busy cooking as he was not well enough.  It is such a treat when he does cook the meals.  On Sunday we only had one service in the whole circuit as it was so soon after Christmas, so the church was full.  It was a lovely service.


I was then at work on Monday and Tuesday.  On Monday I rang from work to get an appointment at the doctor for my beloved as he was in such pain with his sciatica that he could not sleep properly or even eat much.  I came home from work, took him to the doctor, got his prescription and drove back to work.  This time he had been prescribed a patch which would release the drug gradually over 3 days.  I asked the doctor if she could arrange a scan to see why the pain was not improving, which she agreed to, so we are now awaiting an appointment.  My beloved did not wear the patch till tea time Monday.  The next morning he did not seem very alert when I left for work, but I hoped he was at least able to rest better.  I had worked late on Monday to make up the hours I had spent taking my beloved to the doctor.  I also worked late on Tuesday as I was doing some referral letters as our secretary was still on holiday.  I rang my beloved just as I was about to drive home to warn him that I would be late and he sounded dreadful; he was considering going to bed and felt sick and had only eaten one of his sandwiches at lunch!  He informed me that he could not remove the patch unless a doctor gave him permission, so I quickly rang through to his doctor’s for advice.  Fortunately one of the doctors was still there and the receptionist was brilliant at contacting him with our phone number.  I then rang my beloved and told him to expect a call from the doctor and I drove home.  On my arrival home I was relieved to find that the doctor had called him and told him to remove the patch.  He told me he was already beginning to feel better although he was so exhausted that we collapsed early to bed that night. 

The next day I made an appointment for my beloved at the doctor’s again as he was still in so much pain.  Normally we go very rarely to the doctor’s, but now it seemed impossible to keep away!  The doctor was very understanding and patient with us and this time prescribed smaller doses of Tramadol to take more frequently, one or two four times a day depending on need.  The doctors had been discussing the problem and had decided on that way of controlling the pain.


I then had my day off and of course new Years Day off and Friday too, which was a relief, as I felt so tired now.  Suddenly my beloved began to notice the Christmas trappings around the house, which I had put up on Christmas Eve, and the colourful Christmas table cloth.  He now realised how out of it he had been in the drug haze and pain filled days.  The pain seemed better on Wednesday until he decided to replenish the bird feeders!  He then stretched in the wrong way and set the sciatica off again with a vengeance!  Now I shall make sure the feeders are topped up, until he is fully recovered.  He is enjoying his food more now, but his appetite is still restricted by the pain he is suffering.  I hope the referral comes through soon for the scan.


I also did not have much time to do a blog, as I was preparing for the service I was leading this morning too.  I finally got the service prepared and then wrote my thank you letters, later than most of my family I am afraid as I have been so busy and more tired than usual.  I have so enjoyed the last few days especially with my beloved, as he has had a return of his humour and begun to be able to do a little cooking, although he cannot stand for very long.  Cathy popped in yesterday to say goodbye as she is returning to Switzerland today, ready for work tomorrow.  I shall miss her just popping in; I am glad that she has been able to look after Ken as he is still recovering from the injuries to his back, when he fell on ice.  Beth and Mahmood are now more relaxed together, which is good.  I thank God for the joy and sharing of family times in this last week.

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