My beloved’s MRI Scan

Hello everyone!  Today I came home from work to take my beloved for his MRI scan.  There was a long queue into the car park at the hospital, so Malcolm got out as I did not want him to be late for the appointment.  There was a problem with the barrier, which was being repaired, so I did not have to wait too long.  I then caught up with my beloved at the MRI scan centre, where he did not have to wait too long.  He had to change into hospital gowns, a top and trousers, which is better than the usual gowns worn in hospital.  I hoped my beloved would be alright, as he does not like enclosed spaces, and I knew that it would be restricting for him.  Fortunately he coped well, in fact even seemed to enjoy the experience as he described in Sonic Vibrations.  I ate my lunch while we waited and I was able to get back to work at 3.10.  I am relieved that we should know in two weeks what the problem is.


This evening I arrived home late as I was making up the time at the hospital, so we treated ourselves to a Chinese takeaway, which was delicious.  My beloved even managed to eat his portion, which is an improvement on the last few days, when he has often been in too much pain to eat much.  It is lovely now to relax together. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to My beloved’s MRI Scan

  1. Steven says:

    Glad it wasnt to stressful Helen I have had one of those and I found it very clostrafobic.I got it for Bowel Cancer they knew I had it and the MRI was to give a clear picture of what surgery they were going to carry out.The doctors we have in this country and I am still here to prove it lol. Best Wishes Steve x

  2. Helen says:

    So glad that it helped the doctors clear your bowel cancer using the MRI scan for precision. I am so glad you are still here. I do appreciate your interest in our family

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