My beloved sleeps for England

Hello everyone!  The world looked picturesque this morning with a heavy white frost over everything.  It was lovely to feel warm and cosy inside.  My beloved hardly stirred this morning; I can’t remember when he last slept so deeply.  I had to shake him awake to tell him I was going to the local coffee morning and I brought him a cup of coffee.  It was good to meet my friends there.  As the heating had failed that morning we all kept our coats on and the coffee morning was shortened.  I helped clear up the tables and chairs and returned to see if my beloved had surfaced from his deep sleep.  He was still fast asleep so I had to wake him up to tell him I was going into town and I reheated his untouched coffee.  By the time I got back from town he was actually just waking up.  He got up but was still exhausted.  I cooked him a brunch, which he managed to eat, but since then he is still so exhausted that he has just dozed all afternoon.  I have just reheated his cup of tea for the third time!  I do hope he soon feels a little more awake.  It is good to relax with him this afternoon by the nice warm fire.


This afternoon Cathy rang from Switzerland and it was good to hear from her.  She has been finding it difficult to settle back to life away from Ken, but she is getting back to her routine better now.  I shall record programs for her to watch in Switzerland on DVDs as I did before Christmas.  She tells me that she is going to do some skiing while she is there, as she is so close to a ski track.  Both Ken and I have told her to be careful as we do know how accident prone she can be!  Last night she had a social evening with a group of young people who also work in Switzerland from Germany, Sweden amongst other nationalities.  All of them fortunately speak English.  She assures me that she is revising her French and speaking it whenever she can.  She does of course speak English with the children she looks after.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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