A lovely break with my beloved

Hello everyone!  Yesterday I enjoyed relaxing later in bed while my beloved rested.  He slept better yesterday so that he was able to do some cooking.  He prepared our delicious lunch yesterday, a chicken casserole, which we enjoyed with steamed vegetables and new potatoes.  It was lovely to see my beloved actually able to enjoy his lunch, even after cooking it.  Recently cooking has affected his ability to enjoy it, but yesterday was better.  I went to my Bible Study group last night, which I found interesting as we were following the York Course on Faith, Hope and Love; last night we were looking at Agape love, which requires the will and is not just an emotion; it is the sort of love, which is given to the unlovable or those we would not feel comfortable being with.  An example of such love is the Salvationist who was known as the ‘Sock lady’; she armed with clean socks, lovingly cares for homeless men, who badly need her tender loving care to treat blisters and even gangrene.  That kind of serving love is not easy, but it is the kind of love, which Jesus showed us when he cared for lepers, and welcomed other outcasts and sinners.  We are all called to show that kind of love.


This morning I did not get up so early, as my beloved was awake earlier and he suggested we watch the film we had recorded last night, ‘The Lake House’ and so we did.  It felt just like a holiday this morning, watching a film in bed with my beloved; it reminded us of staying in hotels when my beloved was well enough to travel.  It has just been good relaxing with my beloved, especially as at Christmas my beloved was too much in pain to be aware of Christmas.  I have enjoyed these few days off with my beloved and I feel much more relaxed. For lunch my beloved prepared some delicious roast potatoes to accompany the casserole; it was an extra special lunch. It is so good to have my beloved’s excellent meals again!

This afternoon we watched a DVD sent from Lovefilm International Ltd, as my daughter gave me a voucher for 3 months free films for Christmas; we watched Sweeney Todd with Johnny Depp and Helen Bonham Carter, which was well done, but not one we would want to watch again, as it is rather bloodthirsty.  We also have Shrek 3 to enjoy, which we will probably watch tomorrow.


Yesterday my beloved received a phone call from his doctor’s to call him in for an appointment with the doctor to discuss his MRI scan results.  The results have come back much more quickly than we thought they would.  It will be good to find out what the problem is tomorrow.  I am enjoying relaxing with my beloved this evening.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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