Back to work!

Hello everyone!  I am now back at work after the lovely break I had with my beloved.  I was very busy on Thursday trying to catch up with summarising at work.  I felt refreshed after resting with my beloved and could concentrate longer on my work without feeling sleepy. 

Today I was back at the Acorn Centre as the computer course started again.  It was a very busy day as we had to register everyone and get them to fill in the forms giving the starting point for this terms work.  Some were just beginning to use a computer and others were continuing to progress from levels they had already achieved.  It was good to see so many students there today.  I had brought in an apple cake for the students and some fair-trade chocolate biscuits to mark a new term.  Everyone especially appreciated the apple cake I had made, which I was glad about; I have now only a few apples left from last year which I am now using up. 


Last night we watched Shrek 3 together, as I had ordered it from Lovefilms, which was part of my Christmas present from Beth; we have 3 months of free DVDs to enjoy.   It was good to relax and enjoy some good viewing with my beloved including Emmy-Lou Harris Atlantic sessions and the Natural World, which showed us the wonder of the Monsoon in a mountainous area of Western Ghats in India.  The species revealed there were really colourful and adaptable to the conditions.  It is always good to relax with my beloved.  We are enjoying a couple of glasses of wooded Chardonnay together.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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