A relaxing day with my beloved after a busy week

Hello everyone!  I have just been chatting to Cathy on Skype; I find it great to see her as we talk, as that makes her not seem so far away from us.  She said how much a help it is for her as it makes her feel we are with her as we chat.  I was sorry to hear that Ken’s shoulder has still not improved since he fell on ice at the beginning of December.  He has had to stop working again as he is so much in pain; he finds it difficult to sleep comfortably.  The only position he is comfortable in is sitting in the chair next to his computer.  He has just had some x-rays so hopefully he will know what damage he did to himself.  I shall pop round with a few biscuits to cheer him on his own away from Cathy.  She will be home in 3 weeks for Valentine’s weekend. 


Last week I was busy at work trying to speed up the number of notes I had summarised and managed to complete 11, which does not sound much out of the many notes waiting to be summarised but it is more than I managed the week before.  I have lovely encouraging colleagues working along side me.  Another member of staff is being trained to do coding, which will give me more time to summarise, as I still do most of the coding.


I had two meetings last week in the evening, the Church Executive and our Churches Together meeting, where we met as a whole group from the different areas of Harrogate, which was good; normally we meet as area groups and I belong to the Town Centre Churches group.  It was good to catch a glimpse of Nick Henshall, who is married to one of my nieces Christine and is the vicar at Christ Church.  Beth has settled in to worshipping there, but unfortunately she has had to work 3 Sundays in a row, so has not been able to attend.  She had thought she was going to have this Sunday off, as she likes to sing in the choir, but there was no one else to be a baker; there has been staff sickness and holiday cover.  All this week she started work at 4am and worked till 12 noon, but tomorrow the hours are 5am till 1pm; she then goes to bed for the afternoon and tries to catch up on sleep.  She had a long week of work, working 7 days without a day off, so she was exhausted when she finally had her days off on Friday and Saturday.  It is a pity that she did not also have Sunday off as that would have been a good break for her. 


On Wednesday I had a lovely relaxing massage, which I really needed, as I was apparently quite knotted up in my back and arms.  Next Wednesday I am treating myself to facial, as I have £5 off voucher, which is one of the perks of being a regular customer.  Hazel, one of my mentors at the Acorn Centre, told me that I should learn to pamper myself, as I was more used to treating others than myself.  I recognise the wisdom of her words.


This morning I managed to get my beloved to come into town with me to Marks and Spencer, as I had a Christmas voucher to spend and my M&S card to pay.  We decided to put the voucher for us both from Kathleen towards buying my beloved some new clothes; we were able to find 2 reasonable and comfortable pairs of trousers and a jumper, which was really good.  There was a bonus too, as my beloved discovered that a new technology department had opened.  It took some finding as it was not clearly signposted but it was well worth the search as that sort of department is one of my beloved’s favourites to browse.  As we left we pointed out to some staff that it might be better to draw more attention to the new technology section, as it had not been easy to find and could be missed by others who, like my beloved, love to browse technology sections.  My beloved thought the section was well displayed and it ignited his interest to investigate further on the Internet. 


After our return we had a brief sit before we went out to our local Café Culture for a delicious cheese scone and a drink; we have a loyalty card, which gets stamped each time we buy a drink and then we eventually have a free drink.  It is lovely, warm and relaxing there.  Now we are relaxing together with the background of Saturday Jazz Record Requests playing.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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1 Response to A relaxing day with my beloved after a busy week

  1. Steven says:

    Nice Blog Helen my sister lives in Harrogate small world lol ….. PS keep treating yourself its never a bad thing Steve

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