Our Wedding Anniversary Part One

I have taken a few days holiday, as it was our 9th wedding anniversary yesterday.  My beloved started the day with excitement and enthusiasm to celebrate it.  He suggested we watch the DVD of our wedding, which was great, so we relaxed together in bed and watched the service and the reception with the speeches; it was great to remind ourselves of the very special day.  I then got up and did my exercises before going for a shower and getting my breakfast, and was astonished that my beloved was already showered and dressed!!  Usually he is up much later than me, as he needs so much extra rest with his ME. 

He tried then to get the end of a broken blade from our windmill out, but without success.  It was chilly and my beloved did not put his hat on; the problem with being bald on the top of your head is that heat leaves the body quickly and almost without your noticing and it easy to get chilled!


We then went out to get some more supplies for our fish in the aquariums; we also asked for advice from the garden centre about how to remove the broken blade, as we had bought the windmill there.  The shop assistant was helpful but we still have to try out his advice, as we need to borrow a cordless screw driver; at least we know we can buy a new set of blades at the garden centre to replace the blades.  We spotted some Loaches at the Aquatic Centre, so we bought three to help control the algae in our large aquarium.  My beloved had to sort out the aquariums for adding the new fish and also replenishing the plants, which was quite a job.  Loaches are wonderful to watch as they cling to the sides of the aquarium and then suddenly dart really fast across the gravel or through the water to another location.  It was fascinating watching them enjoying exploring their new environment.  They are so fast that it took the shop assistant quite a while to outwit their avoiding manoeuvres and catch them for us!!


We went out to a local classy Italian restaurant for lunch, as my beloved had really enjoyed a seafood dish we had eaten there last year.  We made our choices for our meals only to find that our first choices were not available; normally they get seafood delivered daily but on that occasion the van had been unable to deliver, as it had broken down on the M62!  We made new selections and chose starters and a main course initially.  I had a tuna salad as a starter, which was a very generous portion, almost main course size!  My beloved had sardines and two deep fried king prawns, which was an addition, when calamari was not available, for his starter.  That was also was a very generous portion.  My main course was Tagliatele with a creamy smoked salmon sauce, which was delicious but quite rich and very filling!  There was no space for a sweet, which was a shame, as I enjoy one as a treat!  My beloved enjoyed a prawn with cheese and avocado pockets of pasta, but then felt very full.  I finished the meal with a cup of filter coffee, whilst my beloved had a macchiato. 


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One Response to Our Wedding Anniversary Part One

  1. Unknown says:

    I never knew there was a video of your wedding! I should love to see it – get it ready for next time I visit!selwyn42

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