Family affairs

Hello everyone!  On Thursday we had some sad news when Beth rang and told us that Mitzy, her 11 year old cat had collapsed suddenly gasping for breath.  Beth had rung the duty vet, who examined her and found a massive tumour, so she had to be put to sleep.  Poor Beth was devastated as she had first got Mitzy when she moved out into a studio flat when she was almost nineteen.  Mitzy was a rescue kitten. Apparently Mitzy had been losing weight but had seemed OK when she had had her injection in October.  I told Beth that it was a blessing that she collapsed when she was back from work, as she did not have to suffer long and she was able to with her as she slipped away.  Beth still feels the loss strongly as she was her first cat, although she also has adopted a semi wild stray, Charlie, who is about Mitzy’s age and not too well and she has a lovely lively 6 month old kitten Jasper.  I expect that Mitzy will always have that special place in her heart.


On Friday evening my beloved and I went to my sister Janet for an evening meal and had a very good chicken casserole with mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli and cauliflower followed by syrup sponge and custard.  It was lovely to see her and share the meal, but unfortunately my beloved was feeling exhausted and needed to rest.  He has not been well and is not coping without caffeine.  He still misses it terribly.  He then rested yesterday and last night and seems a little better today; it has helped that the weather has been brighter today as my beloved has enjoyed pottering in the garden.  Spring seems to be really coming with crocuses all over the Stray and daffodils beginning to come into flower.

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