Holy Week Meditations

Hello everyone!  I only worked on Thursday last week so I was able to get more rested and I went to a Circuit Communion that evening. The seats were arranged in a layer of circles which gave us a greater sense of community.  There were a series of readings of the first Maundy Thursday last supper of Jesus with his disciples, interspersed with songs, hymns and prayers.  Then we were given a time to go to three different venues for a period of up to 20 minutes; one venue gave the opportunity for meditation on the Bible reading of the last supper; another gave the opportunity to pray for a needy part of the world, and place a sticker on the country on the globe or there were also post it notes to write down prayers for situations or people to place on a cross in the room; in the third venue you could wash another person’s feet or have your feet washed by another person, so I went in to offer to wash the feet of a lady there, but she had already had her feet washed and washed mine instead.  I found all these different activities helped me focus on the last supper and led me to think and prepare for Good Friday. 

On Good Friday I went to a meditation on the cross as told by John’s gospel with readings and music and a time of prayer, when we were able to light a candle and place it below the cross.  I just sat with my eyes closed listening to the readings, music and prayers and remembering what Jesus had suffered on that day; it was very meaningful for me.

Today the Easter morning service was led by our deacon David Hunt and began in an appropriate way with the acclamation Jesus is risen, alleluia and we responded He is risen indeed, alleluia!  That acclamation was repeated at intervals during the service which was uplifting.  David described a strange animal, which was a mammal which laid eggs, had a furry body, a duck’s bill and burrowed in the ground!  When that animal was first described the early naturalists would not believe it until they had seen a specimen.  It was of course the Duck Billed Platypus, but the specimen was closely examined to make sure that no one had sown the duck’s bill on and that it was genuine.  In just the same way many could not believe until they saw the risen Christ, that he had actually been raised from death!  They needed to meet the risen Lord for themselves and not just except hearsay.  We all need to meet with the risen Lord.  The resurrection is not just important for the future but changes our lives, as we are now in a living relationship with Jesus each day.  Our lives have been transformed by that great day when God raised Jesus from the dead and is continually is with us. This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to Holy Week Meditations

  1. The G Man says:

    Great Space and Blogs Helen. 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    Hi G Man I am glad that you like my blog. Thanks for the comment!

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