An enjoyable day with my beloved

Hello everyone!  It has been good to have today relaxing with my beloved, even though it started in a disappointing way, when the hall heater finally died!  I thought it would be good to have some heat from the hall, as it had got so cold last night, but no matter how long my beloved and I tried to get it to light it refused to light!  It had served me well; my late first husband and I bought it about 26 years ago when we had lived in our present home for a year!  It does not owe us anything now.  My beloved looked on line and found an up to date version of our hall heater, so we decided to get it from the same company who had fitted our lovely fireplace.  It is being replaced on Tuesday and we shall have most of our appliances serviced as well. 


After a somewhat chilly start to the day, the sun began to break through at lunch time.  We sat together by the pond relaxing and watching our four new fish, two red and white comets and two golden orfes, as they swam with the four larger goldfish.  Our largest fish is now about 7 inches long and the other three are of varying sizes, which makes the new fish seem tiny in comparison.  Since we bought our new pump a week or so ago the water of the pond is so clear that we can watch the fish easily as they relax on the bottom or swim near the waterfall or come up for food.  It is great! 


Beth came over after she finished her shift at work this afternoon and we enjoyed a drink and a cake at Café Culture; she felt better afterwards she said, as she had not eaten since her breakfast.  She is certainly busy working as a baker at Sainsbury’s.  When I went shopping this morning I had a chat with her at work and took some hot cross buns she had just finished baking; they still felt warm! 


After she went home to rest, I came back home to my beloved and began to tackle some of our profuse crop of dandelions!  I went round a couple of days ago chopping heads off, but they had returned with splendid defiance today.  The dandelions seem to thrive in our garden along side the emerging ground elder; however there are some lovely spring flowers coming out on our rockeries and the daffodils and narcissi are at their best.  I loved weeding in the lovely afternoon sun, although I did not make many inroads in the luxuriant growth of weeds!  I hope it is good weather tomorrow, so I can tackle more weeds.  Now we are relaxing together watching the story of Pannonica Rothschild and Thelonious Monk’s relationship, which grew from her love of his jazz music.  It is fascinating.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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