A busy week ending with a lovely birthday celebration on Friday

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy week, both at work and at play, including leading a service at Berwick Grange on Wednesday morning, and also preaching this morning at Kirk Hammerton. I only finished the preparation for this morning’s service yesterday afternoon! 


I did have a break, from service preparation, on Friday as it was my birthday.  On Thursday staff from work gave me a lovely big ragged teddy card signed by my colleagues, a voucher for Boots and a wonderful big bunch of flowers.  One of my close colleagues gave me a card and present of toiletries too.  I still adore birthdays and don’t mind getting older; apart from falling asleep more easily in the evening, I don’t feel any different from when I was younger, in fact since sharing my life with my beloved I enjoy life to the full, as I feel so loved and accepted. 


 I was blessed to receive another voucher for Boots from my brother Selwyn so I am looking forward to treating myself to something from there.  My step mum, Kathleen gave me a book, as did my younger sister Fran, and my daughter Beth, which I am looking forward to reading; reading is one of my favourite relaxations.  Kathleen also gave me a tea-towel with a map of New Zealand printed on it. My younger daughter, Cathy, who is employed as a nanny in Switzerland  has given me a lovely  cow soft toy, wearing a neckerchief emblazoned with a Swiss flag to remind me of her, along with some Swiss chocolates, which look almost too lovely to open! 


My elder sister Janet has given me a generous box of Milk Tray which I look forward to sampling and, my brother in law Dave and his wife Jan have given me a decorative garden trowel, which looks almost too lovely to use, as part of a toiletries gift set.  My beloved, bless him, got me an RAC Sat Nav for my birthday, which he was wonderful at finding out about on the internet, selecting, and then setting it up.  He even ordered the mains attachment, so we could charge it up and showed me how to set it up.


Yesterday, we typed in the postcode of a lady living close to the chapel in Kirk Hammerton into the Sat Nav, so we could try it out.  My beloved came with me, even though I wondered how he would cope, as I had not been there before.  In the event he loved the whole experience, almost like an excited child, as he selected the different views of the road or the directions; he did not find it stressful at all, as he was quite happy watching the screen.  He could also see how fast I was driving, as normally he has no idea of my speed, because of how the speedometer is located.  The satnav’s ladies voice gave me plenty of warning about turns to come, which I found very reassuring.  I look forward to trying it out again. 


Friday evening started with a meal at Brios, having our meal early at 5pm, so we would be home ready for Cathy who was going to phone on Skype.  (We enjoyed our meal; I had tuna steak with vegetables, which was very tasty; followed by delicious dark chocolate mousse.  My beloved had beef stroganoff with rice followed by crème brûlée.  We completed our meal with a coffee; I had a filter coffee whilst my beloved had latte with a double shot of coffee; lovely.  I had driven us down so I had a lovely fruit juice whilst my beloved enjoyed a glass of white wine).


I had such a special day.


I had been helping, as normal, at the Acorn Centre and I had brought in cakes and biscuits for them to share.  Suddenly I was presented with 2 bunches of Carnations as a birthday present, which was totally unexpected, but so kind.  Kath, the computer tutor, had also brought me some of her delicious homemade goat’s milk yogurt, which was delicious, as it was all consumed by yesterday!  She had made chocolate and blueberry yoghurt.  She has three goats, two of which are surrogate mothers for orphan lambs, which are thriving!   The third goat is milked and she has so much extra milk, Kath began to make some yoghurt; apparently her husband just devours it all, as he is always shattered after his work as a farmer and starving.  I don’t know how Kath manages as she also has to help when she is not teaching the computer!  She is often late to bed and then up early, especially now as they are in the middle of lambing! 



It was lovely to chat to Cathy on Skype, even though her face, on the video link, kept going in slow motion, which was very funny.  Her partner Ken came round bringing my present from her, which she had posted to her home, instead of mine!  It was lovely to open it as she watched; it made her seem much closer than before we could chat and see her. 


That was the week and especially that day was the day the Lord had made and I was glad and rejoiced in it.


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