God is

Hello everyone!  Today our congregation at Wesley Chapel had
rather less than usual members due in part to holidays, but also due to the
preaching of a sought after preacher, a former president of conference, namely
Lesley Griffiths, was taking the service at Trinity Chapel!  Fortunately the preacher at our chapel had
his brother, sister in law and wife accompanying him, which helped to swell the
ranks!  As there were no children he did
not do a children’s address which I always think is a pity; I always do a
children’s address whether there are any children there or not, as we are all ‘children’
of God!!  We sang some rousing hymns,
such as ‘How great thou art’, ‘All things bright and beautiful’ and ‘Lord of
all hopefulness’, but we only had 4 hymns. 
I love to sing at least 5 hymns.  The
preacher is very sincere but quite set in his views of the absolute truth that
the world was created in 6 days exactly! 
He had even downloaded some information in support of his view from the
internet from evangelical times about whether creation matters.  Don’t get me wrong; I do think it requires
greater faith to believe that everything just resulted from the big bang than
to believe that God created it; however it also does not have to be exactly in
6 days in my opinion.  I see it as a
mixture of creation and evolution, not one or the other; it is far beyond our
understanding to see how it all came about, but I believe that it came about as
God was there at the beginning and brought life into being.  We can see in nature how birds for example
adapt their skills to survive; in the last week or so a jackdaw has discovered,
that our garden supplies of bird seed and fat balls are good additional
resources for his sustenance.  He has now
learnt how to balance on the bird feeders and fat ball feeders, as well as the
other smaller birds.  Since learning
these skills he has been joined by 4 of his friends, as the avian grapevine has
been working well!  This is the day that
the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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One Response to God is

  1. Unknown says:

    I so agree with you. It is such a shame that some Christians seem unable to see the truth about the glories of evolution. I love the idea that creation is continuing to this day – and was not a one-off event. The chihuahua and the Great Dane are both dogs, and have evolved from the same original creature – if man by selective breeding can produce such amazing results, how much more can God! As regards \’All things bright and beautiful – I hope you sang it to the right tune – the joyful one rather than the rather dull onw chosen by so many. If you want to be technical – \’Royal Oak\’ (Martin Shaw) rather than \’All things bright and beautiful\’ (W H Monk)Selwyn42

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