A welcome weekend of relaxation after a busy week

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy week at work, as our
secretary was off sick, so I was staying later, as I was doing referral letters
and sorting things out for patients, by phoning for results.  It was busy but so interesting, although I
have not been able to do coding or summarising, which is usually my main
job.  I was also helping at the Acorn
Centre on Friday, which did not leave me much time to finish preparing the
service I took yesterday.  I saw my
friend Hilary on Wednesday evening, and it was good to catch up with her.  I have also spent much of today preparing the
sermon for next Sunday, Pentecost Sunday. 
As I have had four preaching appointments this month, I have not had
time to prepare all new services.  I have
adapted one I had preached a couple of years ago, so I have not had to start
from scratch this time.  I will not have
another service to prepare now until later on in July, so I will have time to
prepare new ones completely.  As the
school holidays will start from the end of July I will again have a few weeks
running of services again!   At least I
will have time to prepare!


I have enjoyed gardening over the weekend,
as we have had such lovely weather, even though my efforts to defeat the ground
elder are futile!  I must admit it has
been lovely to spend more time relaxing in bed later than usual over this
weekend, especially as I have been dopier in the mornings than usual.  It has been good to spend more time with the
beloved.  This is the day that the Lord
has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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1 Response to A welcome weekend of relaxation after a busy week

  1. Unknown says:

    as I have said before – for ground elder – cut them off at ground level with a spade – you have to get down on hands and knees to do this. Then when the new shoots come up – spray with paraquat (weedol). I do this every year – but, still it returns! But at least it is more under control. Four preaching engagements – goodness, that is a challenge, and how right of you to re-cycle material from the past – this can always be re-vamped, improved here and there, and there you are. It is never wasted, and if you have it all on your computer, it is at your fingertips to use again. Selwyn42

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