Summer is here with a vengeance!

Hello everyone!  I have enjoyed relaxing today as I had today
off from the Acorn Centre, as it is half term. 
It has been a lovely hot day today, although rather humid, so my beloved
got knocked out.  He cannot cope with
heat.  It is so funny as Stephen my late
first husband also could not cope in the heat! 
I must admit that I have to be careful with my fair skin in the sun, and
I do not like it to be too hot.  My
beloved, bless him, cooked a delicious salmon pasta with stir fry mushrooms,
tomatoes and onions.  However he could
not face eating, as it made him feel ill! 
I felt so guilty allowing him to slave for me over a hot stove!  At the best of times my beloved is
overheated, as his body thermostat does not work properly, so today he was just
overcome by the heat!  I enjoyed the meal
at the appropriate time whereas my beloved enjoyed his meal this evening once
it had cooled off outside. We even came outside and enjoyed watching the antics
of our feathered friends in the garden to the background of the sound of the waterfall
in the pond.  Only when it began to be a
bit chilly did I suggest that I needed to go in.


This morning the early sunshine woke
me, so I had soon set the wash off and relaxed in bed a little. Soon I had done
my 20 minute workout with Rosemary Conley, had a shower and breakfast.  Off I set to Sainsbury’s to do the weekly
shop and was home at about 9.30am.  I
started to unpack the shopping, but remembered that the washing was ready to
hang out, so I did that, as for a change it was a lovely drying day.  I realised it was now nearly 10.00am and I
needed to collect a prescription, as my medication had run out.   I had a brisk walk and occasional trot as I
went to town to get it.  I was going
quite fast as my younger daughter Cathy was coming to see at 11am, so I needed
to be back!  I did arrive just 5 minutes
late so that was not too bad!  We then
set off to Café Culture, as Cathy was buying me a drink and a cake for both our
birthdays, when we had been apart, as Cathy was in Switzerland.  We had half a slice of cake each of the two
cakes we selected, a lemon drizzle cake and a banana cake.  We had a lovely chat and shared a third pot
of tea together.  By the time I returned
to my beloved the washing was dry, so I brought it in.  After lunch I tackled more of the resilient
ground elder and now somehow my arm is covered by scratches again!! 


I had a busy week catching up with the
back log of coding letters onto the computer and even did three new summaries,
although we had a short week!  I love my
work and my life, my love, my family; I am so fortunate to love and be
loved.  This is the day that the Lord has
made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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