Life with family is great!

Hello everyone!  It has been a long time since I had time to blog, as I was preaching last Sunday and I am preaching tonight as well.  Last Sunday I was covering for a preacher, who was ill.  I have therefore been busy preparing services as well as working, three days and volunteering at the Acorn Centre.  I tried to do some gardening yesterday, but I ended up sneezing so much I had to give up, and I felt rather exhausted afterwards.  We went up to bed early as I felt so shattered and thought we would enjoy a DVD, but my beloved decided that it was not so much fun watching it alone, when I could not keep my eyes open, and kept dozing off!  We are getting used to sleeping under a sheet, although a couple of nights it was so hot, that we had to have the fan on all night to be able to sleep.  My poor beloved’s thermostat is up the creek at the best of times, but he just cannot keep cool in this exceptional weather. 


One day my beloved suddenly asked me what I was looking at and I confessed that there was rather a large spider making its way around the picture rail just above his head.  A few minutes earlier I had spotted the same spider above the mantelpiece and attempted to catch it in our humane spider trap, only for it to allude my efforts to catch it and slip behind a picture!  My beloved was understandably unsettled and stood up immediately and we both watched it wend its way along the picture rail towards the door, where my beloved waited patiently with the humane trap, until it moved lower and he was able to capture it in the humane trap and subsequently release it into our garden!


I came back home from work on time on Tuesday evening, as my sister Janet was coming with her youngest daughter Esther, her husband Alfie, and their two children Joshua 6 and Hannah 4 to visit for about an hour.  They live in America about 3 hours away from New York, and are staying for about a month to see as many people as possible.  It was lovely to see them all as we had drinks and some pieces of my beloved’s birthday cake, which my sister Janet had made earlier, and some tea or juice.  My beloved is just beginning to get to grips with the video recorder I gave him for his birthday and he had a go at recording us with the children, as well as taking some photos with his digital camera.  Janet did not realise that the video camera also picked up conversations!  What was really funny when my beloved it back for us was how alike my sister and I are in some ways!  We hogged the conversation in the two clips my beloved took, whereas the others said relatively little!!  Hannah appeared mostly solemn as she seemed to be acutely aware that she was being filmed, and seemed to be unsure of herself.  Joshua was as usual quite at home and confident, not being concerned by the filming.  After my beloved stopped filming outside, Hannah spoke once, when she saw a frog in our mini pond, and it obediently swam across!  I also noticed for the first time that Alfie had a moustache, and commented on how distinguished it made him look!!  Apparently he has had it as long as we have known him, but I had not noticed! 


Janet has beautiful grandchildren, and I was fortunate to see Imogen, her second daughter Rachel’s child, as she and her mum were visiting Esther and family on Friday for a couple of nights, and I was taking over the CD that my beloved had compiled using the video footage and some of the photos he took too.  It was lovely to see them all again.  Imogen was very demonstrative and welcoming to me.  She was happy to give me a hug and really hugged me tight!  I carried her out of the house, when I was leaving and sat her on my knee, as she just had bare feet.  Then Joshua and Alfie joined me, and Janet, Mary, Rachel and Alfie all took some photos!!  It was a treat seeing them all.  I have told Rachel that she and Imogen must come sometime and then we can also take some video footage of them. 


I am so happy sharing my life with my beloved with his enthusiasm for the garden, his new lease of life at the moment and his caring love for me and my family.  I am pleased that Cathy and Ken are enjoying a well deserved holiday together in Switzerland, before Cathy comes home for a couple of weeks.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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