A look back over the last week

Hello everyone!  Last week I had a busy week working, but the Acorn Centre computer course has finished for this term, so I had a relaxing morning on Friday, only doing the wash and hanging it out.  Usually I shop early, set off the wash, do the local shopping and then go to the Acorn Centre for 11 am!  I enjoyed my day off on Wednesday with my beloved, and had a treat of candle wax treatment to my ears, which helps to decongest my sinuses and clears congestion in my ears; it is also extremely relaxing.  On Friday afternoon I went into work for a couple of hours to catch up with my coding, but one of the doctor’s had an urgent letter to do, so I did that and faxed it to the hospital.  I did do some more coding but still had rather a backlog to catch up, as we had a training course on Fraud in the NHS on Thursday afternoon, and I had had a number of urgent letters to do in the morning. 


On Saturday we had an invitation to go to a barbecue at one of our doctor’s homes.  It is an idyllic, if somewhat isolated situation set in a wonderful garden with a giant weeping willow, with house martins swooping in and out of the eaves of the farmhouse to and from their nests!  My beloved made a great job of capturing some snatches of their swift flight on his new video camera.  He also captured the whole atmosphere of the party as we milled around together feasting on the barbecue meats, amply supported by various salads, bread rolls and crisps.  As to our amazement the weather stayed fine, sunny and hot, a group of us settled under the expansive willow tree to enjoy our food and chatter.  Then there were a lovely selection of sweets for us to sample; delicious chocolate mousse, a pavlova, a trifle, a fruit salad selection, or a taste of them all.  Some lads belonging to a couple of families I think thought that such as selection especially of the sweets was worth several sampling tastes!  We had all brought something to add to the lunch, so there was plenty for us all and a great variety.  I felt rather replete after lunch, so I needed nothing except cups of tea that evening.  We all brought drinks; my beloved and I had brought a bottle of wine and a soft drink and I had my supply of water, as I am the driver.  We just relaxed and watched a DVD that my daughter had recommended, ‘The Clan of the Cave Bear’, a book in a series Cathy and I loved and I thought it was true to the book, except for a change in the ending.  My beloved thought it was a bit longwinded and would have been more successful as a radio drama, which I could understand, but I enjoyed it as it brought back so many memories!


On Sunday afternoon we both set about tidying up the garden and filling our garden bin, as today was the day that the bin is emptied.  It really made us concentrate on filling it up so it could be emptied!!  In the evening I moved the bin round to the front ready to be emptied, but my beloved did not think there would be enough space to get it past the car; I disagreed as I managed to get it past the car, but at a cost!  My top was covered in bits of the bushes including one rather alive bee, which when my beloved noticed it began to crawl along my back!!  My beloved, bless him, saved the day yet again; he managed to get the bee to crawl off my back onto something he could use to let it out!!  I don’t know how I manage it.  Also I spent at least a third of my gardening time searching for my trowel or the secateurs, as I kept putting them down and losing them!!  My beloved says he will mark them so I don’t lose them so easily!  I have so much to be thankful about in my life.  That was the week that the Lord has made and I rejoiced and was glad in it.

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