Sunday Fellowship

Hello everyone!  One of our local preachers Ernest Stephens
led this morning’s worship and there was a real sense of meditative
worship.  I felt at one with the Lord as
he led the prayers and found time to be quiet in his presence.  As a children’s address, even though there
were no children present, he talked of a letter to the Methodist Recorder from
a minister, who was visiting a country chapel. 
The church steward, who welcomed the minister was very nervous, as it
was his or her first time as a newly appointed steward, so the minister
wondered how the steward would cope with the prayer before the service.  The steward simply said, ‘We love you Lord,
help us to serve you,’ which gave the minister the best support for the worship
which followed.  We can all remember
these few words and pray even if we find praying aloud with people


My beloved made delicious chicken curry for
lunch; it was one of his specials!  It is
lovely spending time with my beloved and relaxing watching films as we transfer
them to DVD.  We are trying to save space
by transferring videos we have recorded in the past.  It has been fun watching them, although we
have just been catching up with some Woody Allen movies, which are fun.  We have also been catching up with some
footage from Glastonbury
this year and transferring that to DVD, some recorded late at night, so it was
a pleasant surprise to see what we had recorded.  It has been a lovely relaxing indulgent day, a
true day of rest.  This is the day that
the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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