The Joy of the Lord helps

Hello everyone!  I am sorry I was so low yesterday, as I know that will not help Kate or her family.  My beloved is also struggling with the tragic news about Kate, but he still manages to be supportive to Cathy and me.  As I drove to work I was praying for Kate, running out of words and just pouring out from the depth of my being to God.  I find my drive to work is a lovely quiet, a time to rest in Jesus’ presence and pray for those of my family and friends in need and often sing.  This morning singing hymns of praise began to lift my spirits as I felt upheld by God.  I had a good and varied day at work, and found that helped me focus again on the good things around me.  I know that it is important to grieve for the lost opportunities for Kate, but also to remember that we will be no use to her, if we get low, so I am glad that I am beginning to be able to offer her, ‘Spud’ and Luke to the Lord, who can look after them better than me.  I do keep sending up arrow prayers in support of them all.


Cathy rang tonight to update us about Kate.  Cathy had come round at lunchtime to let my beloved know that Kate was going into theatre for them to relieve some of the pressure by removing some of the tumour, so she was ringing us to tell us the good news that Kate had come through the operation. Luke, her husband, said that she was sitting up and giving orders after she came round from the operation, which shows her strength.  Luke is working to decorate their home ready for her home coming after this time in hospital; it is helping him to keep focussed.  There are many positive thoughts and prayers being sent towards Kate, Luke and their family.  Cathy went to St Mark’s Church this morning and the Rev.Olivia Lambert, an associate minister, prayed with her and she felt supported.  She sounded a little brighter this evening.  I am now relaxing with my beloved this evening.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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2 Responses to The Joy of the Lord helps

  1. Margaret says:

    I have been reading your blog every week for nearly a year now. It just always lifts my spirit because you are always JUST YOURSELF. I have had to join Windows live just to send this!! Go on telling it as it is. I promise I will pray for Kate too . We are all the family of God-and I send greetings and support from Filey to you in Harrogate and in the name of Jesus.

  2. Helen says:

    Thank you for your prayers. Since so many have been praying the prognosis for Kate has improved, especially as an operation she has had successfully removed 75% of the tumour and she is at present at her parent\’s home, recuperating before she has radiotherapy. Her baby is still thriving. Her husband Luke and friends are working hard to prepare her home for her to move in. Beth my elder daughter has also been gardening to help. Cathy\’s partner is at Luke and Kate\’s house most evenings after work to get the work completed more quickly. Thanks again for your welcome comments and prayers.

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