A day of mixed blessings

Hello everyone!  I seem to have had a slow day not achieving much but just pottering, except trying to help my beloved put a bed together, which I was not very successful at, as I am not strong enough.  Our new spare bed was delivered this morning and dumped in the bedroom for us to assemble.  It is very easy to assemble, the delivery man assured me!!  Of course it is!!  Just you wait until you try!  My beloved emerged from the shower somewhat disgruntled that the men had not assembled the bed so he got dressed and we made a start.  At first we could not get the castors to go into the bed sections properly and then we realised that one set of castors was in one of the drawers of the bed.  No problem, you might think, well yes normally except that it was impossible to open the drawer, so we could not get any further with the assembly.  After 20 minutes of struggling and fearing damaging the bed, we rang the Westgate House, Anglia Co-op, from where we bought it for advice.  The furniture assistant seemed surprised by our experience as it was not usual, apparently; however he was helpful and offered to send someone over to help us, as soon as there was an opportunity.  After a couple of hours he arrived and in a couple of minutes he had released the drawer, as he said, they were used to doing that when they assembled the beds for display!  Obviously it was something they were used to dealing with, so it was not as unusual as we were led to believe!  He was able to free it as he knew where to put the pressure, whereas we were afraid of damaging the bed.  My beloved then started to attach the castors and was able to get 4 to slide straight in whereas the other 4 were proving to be stubborn until we turned the bed onto them and we were able to apply the required pressure to get them pushed right in.  Soon we had successfully assembled the bed and it will be ready to make up ready for any guests that might visit, when it has been aired. 


My beloved and I went for a drink and cheese scone at Café Culture this afternoon, where we had a lovely relaxing time together after our efforts.  The day has been mixed weather wise; this morning was cloudy but fine and I dried my washing, but after lunch the heavens opened and the afternoon consisted of alternate heavy showers and bright warm sunny periods.  Now we are enjoying an evening relaxing together listening to the radio.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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One Response to A day of mixed blessings

  1. Unknown says:

    the story of the bed construction is horrendous – you have my deepest sympathy – I have had many a trauma with IKEA items inthe past. What nice eating palces you have – drink and cheese scones sound wonderful – and very restorative I am sure.Selwyn42

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