Belated Liverpool Posting – One


Monday August 31st


We were setting off to Liverpool today and I got up in reasonable time to get things ready for the journey.  I left my beloved to rest as long as possible as travelling is such an anathema to him.  I collected bags together to put in the car after I had a shower.  I collected the sandwiches for the journey and crisps for snacks, fruit and salad, as well as a flask of tea and bottles of water.  I had tried to work the route out in advance but I do not have the best sense of direction or ability at following maps, so it was not successful!  I thought I would do it on my own so that I did not cause my beloved so much stress, but instead I caused him extra stress!!  When he realised the direction I was taking he coped amazingly well, although I had more than doubled the length of the journey.  I had taken us from Harrogate, via Skipton along the A65 to the M6, going south towards Lancaster to join the M58 and M57 to Liverpool!!  We did keep a reasonable pace until we joined the M6 when the traffic ground to a halt, and we chugged along for the first few miles before we could move faster; the traffic kept grinding to a halt before we finally were able to leave the M6 and join the M58. 


My beloved thought we might try the Sat Nav to complete the last stage of the journey, which turned out to be a real mistake.  I kept misunderstanding the directions, and ignoring some directions, so that the Sat Nav kept saying it was recalculating!!  At one point I found myself turning right into the wrong side of a dual carriageway, so we had to turn round and come out and turn onto the correct side of the dual carriageway; the distance kept growing that we were from our destination until the Sat Nav suddenly told us we had arrived at our destination, but it was patently not our desired destination in Liverpool 19 but in the city centre Liverpool 1!!  This all proved understandably too much for my beloved, whose patience had suddenly worn thin, but fortunately I remembered that we should be able to find our way, if we headed towards the Albert Dock.  I was right, although I did get into the wrong lane on one occasion and we were soon at our proper destination. 


We rang Kathleen and popped in to see her for about ½ an hour with some homemade goods I had brought with me and a bottle of wine.  My poor beloved was so shattered and ready to sell the Sat Nav, and he never wants to travel again, although he enjoys seeing Kathleen for chats.  He wanted to return home straight away so I got upset as most of the problems were my fault; we should have gone further on the A59 straight into Lancashire without going via Cumbria!!  Also I had asked him for a Sat Nav for my birthday as I thought it would help his travel anxiety, which of course it added to!!  My beloved kept saying he was not meant to be getting at me but he needed to get it off his chest.  I was so aware of my fault in it all and I felt really tired too, so I felt more upset.  I did not feel up to driving straight back, at least without a night’s sleep.  The situation got worse as we got lost on the way back to the Toby Inn and my beloved had a bad panic attack.  Fortunately asking a lady in a car set us in the right direction so we found our way back.  My beloved felt so shattered that he did not want to eat but eating helped him begin to feel a little restored.

We went to the Toby Carvery for our evening meal and I had a traditional turkey carvery meal, which I found I really needed as I was so hungry.  We also had a large glass of Chardonnay each, as I was not driving, although it did not have the quality of the wine my beloved gets at home.  My beloved enjoyed a sea bass with carvery vegetables for his meal.  The meal did help revive us and we returned to relax in our room and watch some television.  The day ended better than I could have hoped relaxing with my beloved, who accepted my profuse apologies. 


I love to spend time with my beloved and I do not need to go away to enjoy a holiday, in fact I am happy relaxing at home with my beloved, although I probably do feel more guilty reading at home, when I could be doing jobs! 


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