There is no place like home!

Hello everyone!  It is lovely to be home again, especially as my beloved is so much more relaxed.  On Thursday evening we did some shopping at Sainsbury’s to replenish stocks, so I could relax in bed on Friday morning.  It was good to take the day in a leisurely fashion, especially as my beloved was so relaxed and happy.  On Saturday it was another slow start with me catching up with some Methodist Recorders I had not properly read and making notes on the Methodist Conference for members of our Executive Group, which meets on Tuesday. 


On Saturday evening we went over to St Mark’s Church for the farewell of the vicar, who had married us nearly 10 years ago, who had been so supportive to Malcolm when his mother had her stroke in 1998, and who had been so helpful to Stephen in his final crisis in 1998.  We enjoyed a hog roast, a band which performed hits such as, ‘Will you still love me tomorrow?’ ‘You’ve got a friend’ and a Beatles medley including my favourite, ‘I wanna hold your hand’, sung in a true rock way.  This was followed by a contrasting male harmony group, who sang some serious and some fun songs; and my beloved managed to stay for over an hour, before we set off for home.  It is good to be home together.


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2 Responses to There is no place like home!

  1. Unknown says:

    "I wanna hold your hand" – one of my favourites too. Of course it came out when I was first going out with Janet – and for a shy lad like me, who had no previous contact with girls – the simple touch of just holding hands was electrifying – and this song said it all.Selwyn42

  2. Helen says:

    When Malcolm first took hold of my hand it was electrifying and he was not my first boyfriend; it was very special and I have really fallen in love witn Malcolm! The song is even more special for us.

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