Life is good!

Hello everyone!  I have had a good week at work, although I have had to contend with itching from the eczema brought on by the eucalyptus oil used in a treatment I had.  Today it has felt more comfortable at last.  My eyelids settled first, but my neck kept being rubbed by my clothing so remained itchy longer.  I do sound like a wimp I know, so I will not go on about it any more.  A colleague at work suffers much more from eczema, on one occasion her whole body was covered with it, so I am ashamed of my moaning!!  Also my beloved puts up with aches and pains most of the time with little complaint and I moan over a bit of itching!! 


Work was busy as usual with some sadness for me as some valued colleagues are leaving for various reasons, and I shall miss them.  I was so relieved to be told of a reprieve from another considering moving to pastures new, as she rang my beloved to convey the good news that she was staying; I am so fortunate with all the colleagues I work with.  I can’t believe I have been there for well over 3 years now; time passes so quickly when you are having fun.  I am so fortunate to be doing a job I love.


Today at the Acorn Centre I enjoyed helping the students and in between times playing spider solitaire.  I find that relaxing as I don’t play games at home and it unwinds me, as I try to help any students with problems.  It is always a relief that Kath the tutor is there, when I am stumped!!  It is good to be a volunteer helper without having the overall responsibility for courses; I can use the gifts I have of teaching without having to do all the paperwork and measure outcomes.  Oh the joy of volunteering! 


It has been lovely this week not to have to go to any evening meetings so I can enjoy being with my beloved.  It is much more fun watching programs with him, listening to the radio and sharing ideas with him and learning so much from him.  I am so fortunate to share my life with my beloved and have so much to enjoy; I love my beloved’s enthusiasm for our garden birds.  I am so glad he is enjoying making videos of our birds; today a goldfinch feasted on peanuts, whilst six fed on our Niger seed feeder; the grapevine has spread the message of our garden being a good food source to other local goldfinches.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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