X Factor thoughts on Saturday’s Show


Hello everyone! I am now going to share my thoughts on the X Factor Show last night. I made the notes last night, but I am only just posting them today. The first group of girls called, ‘Kandy Rain’ gave a good performance, although I did not think the outfits were suitable. I did not mean that they drew attention to their past as strippers, but that they did not need to dress in that way to make themselves sexy. I was shocked by the attitude of Cheryl towards them; there was no need for her to be so personal!

Rachel gave an excellent performance, although her lovely voice was not shown off to its best advantage; she is certainly very talented.

Oli gave a good performance and made the song his own. I was struck by the fact Robbie felt he had found a friend in Oli; it confirmed that he was as nice as he seemed to be.

Rikki had the wrong song to sing and the outfit did nothing for him at all. He looked uncomfortable most of the time.

We both love Stacey. She is such a lovely person and such a talented singer. She always makes us feel happy so we have to smile in response. In fact I just smile when I think of her. Her comments when she met Robbie Williams were just so natural and enthusiastic. She would be a pleasure to know.

The group ‘Miss Frank’ gave a very good performance; it was really impressive. The other two singers sang as well as the one who is always a good performer.

Jamie gave a star performance as we expected. We love him too. I was annoyed that Louis was attacking his performance unfairly. There was no need unless he felt that he posed a threat to his acts.

Lloyd Daniel gave an awful performance, not even being in tune at the start, but I expect he will stay in the competition as he is a good looking young man.

I thought that Lucie Jones sang well but it would have been wiser not to try a Leona Lewis song, as she will always be compared with her. Simon’s comments were pertinent in all cases I felt. I really respect his opinions as he is usually very fair.

John and Edward do not appeal at all to us and thought their performance was terrible as expected, though the best I had ever seen them do; they have no charisma or talent at singing. I just cannot understand how they got this far.

Joe is another one we love. He too has a gorgeous smile and a great stage presence; he is a real pop star!

Danyl was brilliant and gave a superb performance; Simon said that he gave an outstanding performance. What saddened me was the nasty comment that Danni Minogue made about him being bisexual! She made no comment about his great performance; I felt it was totally uncalled for.

The talent this year apart from John and Edward is greater than last year, but the judges’ comments are spoiling it this year! Making constructive comments such as Robbie Williams did and Simon does is what the competition needs.

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