A time to doze!

Hello everyone!  I enjoyed a lovely walk to church and back, as May, normally my passenger, did not feel well enough to come with me this morning. The minister spoke well about praising God and launching out in faith to ‘fish’ for men.  He spoke in a relaxing voice and the church was really warm and I am ashamed to say that I kept dropping off to sleep and waking suddenly as my head went down!  On the last occasion I came too with a start to hear the minister talking about those who doze off instead of listening!!  I did feel guilty and apologised to him after the service, but he told me he had not noticed!  It was my guilty conscience that made me feel I was the target!  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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1 Response to A time to doze!

  1. Unknown says:

    you are so brave in apologising to the speaker for falling asleep! I could never do that – and I nearly always fall asleep during sermons – I just try to let it look as if I am not asleep!Selwyn42

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