Where oh where have the crepes gone?

Hello everyone!  It was a miserable morning with mist and then
pouring rain, but I went into town to pay in some coins.  Despite the rain I enjoyed the walk, having a
quick word with Sheila, who used to live on our road.  I enjoyed the walk and had soon paid the
coins in, so I dropped into Wesley Chapel for a coffee and had a lovely piece
of sticky flapjack.  I enjoyed a chat
with 2 friends from the chapel, before setting off for home through the now
pouring rain.  As I got nearer home I
wondered about having lunch out at our local, but then met a friend Celia and
had a heart warming chat with her at the local shops; it is always good to
catch up with friends.  She felt
encouraged when she met me and felt we were meant to meet today; another of
those coincidences or rather ‘God incidences’ as I see it.

On my return home, my beloved suggested
lunch at the Milepost, but we were so disappointed that the menu had changed
beyond recognition; there were no longer any crêpes or crocs, but instead
normal pub food.  What was so special was
the delicious French food, not only the crêpes or crocs but also other tempting
dishes, which had enticed my beloved and I to partake.  Now we no longer want to go there, although
my beloved does enjoy the beer.  We drank
the drinks already ordered before we realised that the menu had changed, and
found nothing tempted us to stay.  We
left our message of how disappointed we were about the change in menu, asking
if the crêpes and crocs could still be an alternative on the menu, rather than
being totally discontinued.

fact we just went across the road for fish and chips to enjoy at home and they
were very good.  Now it is good to relax
with my beloved enjoying the radio and our computers.  My beloved has managed to speed my computer
up a bit by various means, like defragging and running the antivirus scan,
which found no viruses.  Whatever he did
has improved matters for me.  He also put
Microsoft Office 2007, which I had bought recently, onto my computer.  I am finding it easy to use as word
processing tool.  Although Open Office
has good programs, it does not have such a user friendly layout as Microsoft
Office 2007.

Last week I was busy at work, but enjoyed a
break from work on Wednesday, when I baked a couple of apple cakes, one for
work and one for the Acorn Centre on Friday, as it was the last Friday before
half term.  Unfortunately the cake got
rather well done, so it had a crunchy outer layer, but the inside was still
fine.  I apologised for that but the cake
was very well received by both places; in fact they liked the crunchy edge.  When I left the Acorn Centre there was only
one slice left, which Val the manager of the centre was able to enjoy when the
computers had been packed away.

I left work in good time on Thursday as my
beloved and I had been invited to an evening meal with my sister Janet.  The steak and kidney pie was delicious,
served with a wonderful array of vegetables. 
It was a lovely relaxing evening.

I am feeling sleepy, so I will just get some
fresh air in the garden chopping down some more straggly flowers, and putting
them in the garden bin which was emptied last Monday.  It is fine at the moment with a few hints of
blue sky.  This is the day that the Lord
has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.


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1 Response to Where oh where have the crepes gone?

  1. Unknown says:

    Personally I would much rather it had a crunchy edge. You shouldn\’t apologise so much! Janet\’s steak and kidney pie sounds wonderful. sorry to hear about the lack of crepes etc at your erstwhile favourite pub. Brave of you to stomp out leaving notes of protest!Selwyn42

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