Jesus Help Me!

Hello everyone!  It is a wet and windy day with glimpses of sunshine surprising us with brightness.  My passenger was unable to come with me this morning, as she had broken her dentures!  She has had a number of problems over the last few weeks, which have meant that she couldn’t come with me.  I felt so sorry as she cannot bite properly, so I took her a small blackberry and apple sponge for her lunch, some chocolate she likes and the papers I pass on to her to cheer her up on my way to church.  She looked pleased to see me and pleased with the gifts. 

I led the service at Woodlands Chapel this morning.  I was pleased that the healing of blind Bartimaeus was a set reading from the lectionary as it took me right back to when the girls were small.  They loved the ‘Jesus help me’ story as they called it, as they both loved to shout even louder, ‘JESUS HELP ME!!’ I was glad to see that there were a good number of children with some who were eager to volunteer to help tell the story.  One girl had a scarf over her eyes as she played Bartimaeus, and entered beautifully into the part, especially when she shouted even louder.  Other children played Jesus and his disciples walking on their way to Jerusalem past where Bartimaeus was sitting begging.  The congregation joined in to tell Bartimaeus to be quiet!  Jesus needed some help to speak, but she enjoyed her role and the disciples led Bartimaeus happily to her. They enjoyed it when Bartimaeus was leaping along the road with Jesus.  I thanked them for their help and told them of 2 things we could learn from the story; that Bartimaeus did not give up but persisted until he was heard by Jesus and Jesus healed him, as he knew what he needed.  We too must not give up but keep on calling to him for help and ask for what we need, as Jesus will make us whole, as he knows what our needs our.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and glad in it.

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