Saturday X Factor Update

Hello everyone!  The changeable weather continues with pouring rain with the sunshine streaming through it, as the wind blows.  Now I am cosily inside it is good to watch as it changes; a wild autumn day!

I thought I would update you on my views on last night’s X Factor, as we have to watch it to record it for Cathy.  My beloved gets more and more depressed each time he watches it, but yet he feels he must make an effort, as he loves some of the performances, but is often annoyed by the comments of judges, with the exception of Simon, whose comments are usually absolutely right.  We liked Olly’s performance after a slow start; Miss Frank gave definitely their best performance last night and looked great; Jamie gave a very good performance and obviously enjoyed singing with the big band more than he had thought he would; my beloved is one of his friends in his My Space – Jamie Afro site and complemented him on his performance; Danyl was the star of the show last night when he gave an excellent performance in our opinion; Rachel performed brilliantly last night, really showing off her lovely voice and her skill as a performer; she just seemed to react a little over the top to the universal praise of the judges, but maybe she was relieved to have got it right.  I agree with Simon that her hair looked a lot better in that style, much less severe.

Lloyd found the big band experience a little overwhelming and did not rise to the occasion, but he will do fine as he is so cute!  Joe also did not do as well in the big band performance, especially with the dancing!  Stacey looked overdressed and not herself when she sang her song; it was not her best performance, perhaps because after she admitted that though she felt like a princess, she could not breathe or move easily!!  I loved the way her little boy clapped his hands and said ‘Mummy’ when she was on the television.  I love her and her naturalness; she always makes me smile; she is such a ‘sweety’ I feel!  Lucy looked beautiful and sang quite well, but she was obviously not totally in her comfort zone in this week’s big band show, but she did sing quite well.  John and Edward or ‘Jedward’ as coined by the guardian live blog gave a bizarre performance to disguise their inability to sing; I suppose someone will keep them in for yet another week tonight!  I just do not see their appeal, as I just find them annoying and over the top.  It will be interesting and/or frustrating when we see and record the results show for Cathy tonight.

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