Mixed Emotions

Hello everyone!  I have had a good week at work and I had Friday off this week, as the computer course was not on, as it is half term.  It was lovely to relax longer in bed before going shopping yesterday.  Having been informed by the Council that our bush was overhanging the footway, as they called it, I had to chop it back; it was still just over our boundary, so my beloved managed to chop a thick branch from the bush to curtail future growth over the pavement!  What annoyed us a little was that the letter posted to us was addressed to the owner/occupier; we are council tax payers on the electoral role yet they did not address it to us!! 

I also had a walk into town to pick up a prescription yesterday and the weather was lovely during the day, so I enjoyed the walk.  It was lovely to relax and enjoy the evening with my beloved last night. 

This morning I woke up early for some reason but enjoyed relaxing and reading in bed.  I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before I did some more tidying up in the garden and it was good that my beloved was awake earlier than usual, so he joined me in the garden, where he feels most at home.  I treated myself to a massage today, which was lovely and relaxing this afternoon.

We are now having our not so relaxing time together, as we watch the X Factor this evening.  In the first act Joe was not a rock singer, but he sang it sweetly, a cute lad, who will be voted for each week.  I loved Danyl who was slated by the Cheryl and Danni this week, but it has really upset my beloved so he has left me to watch it now.  I hate him feeling this way, but I record it for Cathy; I do understand why he is so fed up, so I will not watch it next week, but just record it.  It is too annoying and I value time with my beloved more than watching it.  Tomorrow I will be able to just record it without watching it.  Lucy did better than last week and Stacey looked more relaxed than last week, but I still love Danyl better than the others.  Jamie is also got at by the other judges, but I do hope this time they don’t put him down; I like his performance, much better than the other acts; on a par with Danyl, in my opinion.  Jamie gave a great performance and I don’t care what the judges say.  I am not enjoying it on my own; I miss my beloved.  I will soon switch it off and just record it without watching it, so I can be with my beloved.

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1 Response to Mixed Emotions

  1. Malcolm says:

    It\’s not so much the put down of Danyl that\’s upsetting so much as these utterly talentless females praising inept performances by pretty children whilst ignoring real talent – a possible threat to their proteges – in an abysmal money-making show. Cowell could just give a contract to the talented people, there are so few of them after all, and save us from this waste of peak-viewing time!

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