Refreshment of the earth and my spirit.

Hello everyone!  It is so lovely to be relaxing now with my beloved snuggled under my Snuggle Blanket with the horrid day shut outside!  I set off to church this morning in torrential rain in my wellington boots, clutching my umbrella with both hands, as I carefully dodged the splashes from passing cars!  My trousers were wet on my right hand side as the umbrella could not protect all of me from the driving rain.  I was relieved to see that a number of other people had also managed to make it to church as I had wondered if the weather would have put them off.  I could have driven of course, but I don’t like to drive to church if I have no one who needs a lift there, so I walked.  I was relieved to get home although I did enjoy the exercise. 

My beloved produced delicious chicken curry, based on Jalfrezi, but as always it has my beloved’s extras which make it really special, especially with his saffron rice.  I had some of the blackberry and apple sponge I had made with our own apples and blackberries yesterday and cheese and biscuits for my special Sunday lunch treat! 

I have felt a bit flat today after the X Factor yesterday evening, as the comments of the judges were over critical, in my opinion, about two of the acts with talent, namely Jamie Archer and Danyl Johnson; perhaps the 2 female judges fear their talent and that is why they are so nasty at times. Simon is the only judge who is consistently fair in his criticisms and comments; he is the only one I respect.  I shall now just be recording it for Cathy but not watching it anymore.  I prefer to enjoy time with my beloved.

Our service this morning focussed on All Hallows when we remember all who have died and been hallowed by Jesus and sanctified.  We are all saints with those who have gone before not through our own efforts but through Jesus who accepts us as we are, warts and all.  The service on Radio 4 this morning reminded us of how God had used so many flawed people like David who could not control his eyes, Moses who could not control his temper and felt he could not do what he was asked to do by God or Samson who was so easily led astray by the women in his life.  God uses us and accepts us as we are; we need to say we can do what he asks us, as He will give us the strength to do it.  Let us remember we are all special to God and he loves us all and accepts us as we are; we will never be able to deserve it but it is God who hallows us.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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