Danyl is the one with the X Factor

Hello everyone!  Last night we watched the X Factor, as we were recording for my daughter, even though my beloved finds it annoying.  The first performer Stacey sang a favourite of mine, the Son of the Preacher man, sung so well by Dusty Springfield; she sang it quite well but without much emotion and she did not seem sexy even in her sexy outfit.  Ollie gave a good performance and sang  his song competently.  Lloyd, as usual, did not perform well ; he was completely out of his depth.  Jamie’s performance received great praise from the judges, although we did not enjoy it as much as some of his other performances.  Our favourite performance was definitely Danyl’s, he is so obviously the most talented performer with the strongest voice; it was excellent and I am sure he will have a career even if he does not win.  Lucy sang well and seemed to enjoy herself but, she seemed to have an American twang to her voice, and does not have star quality.  ‘Jedward’, the annoying twins, could not kill ‘Ghostbusters’ as they did not need to be able to sing, so it was their most genuine performance, but I still wish they were not in the competition.  They don’t seem to realise that they are being laughed at by the Media or, they are very thick skinned.  Joe’s performance was better than last week, always able to sing, but more in a musical like the Lion King, which the song choice proved.  I am sure the wrong one will be leaving the show, not Lloyd or Jedward! 

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