Friends make life special

Hello everyone!  I had a busy week at work, but from next week things will improve as our new secretary starts on December 1st and she will be working each day, so I shall be able to concentrate on my own work.  Also one of our doctor’s who has been off ill for a few months returns next week, so it will mean that we will be back as a full strength team from next week!  It will be amazing too that I can get help with coding and summarising too from the new secretary, as that will mean that it will not be such a daunting task for me to keep up with summarising and coding.  On Friday we all went out for a meal to wish our former colleagues well in their new places.  Our present secretary does not leave till the end of this month, when she will concentrate on looking after her grandson when her daughter, who is a senior houseman in paediatrics, and her husband is a registrar in elderly medicine, are working; of course days change and sometimes she is on nights, so our friend has to be flexible.  The other colleague, who was a receptionist and administration worker, left to be an assistant practice manager at the end of October, so it was good to see her.  We enjoyed a meal at the Bon Appetit in Wetherby; I had garlic mushrooms followed by chicken breast stuffed with goat’s cheese and completed with sticky toffee pudding with ice cream, which was lovely. 


Yesterday morning I delivered letters and newspapers for the Liberal Democrats on a gloomy drizzly day and in the afternoon we went to the Liberal Democrat Christmas Fayre, where I supported the cause, but I agreed with my beloved that it was not very Christmassy occasion.  Unfortunately the weather discouraged many visitors and as it was off the beaten track it did not do as well as it might have in a more prominent position.  When I had nearly finished delivering the letters and newspapers one of my dear neighbours John called me in for an extremely welcome drink, when I had a lovely chat with his delightful wife Betty, who remains a positive person, despite her health problems.  Both she and John are very special people who I truly value, as they have been and are both great encouragers.  Friends like them is what makes life special!

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