Another Week has passed.

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy week again at work, but I
will have more time to do my job soon, when the new secretary starts on Tuesday,
as she will work every day not just the 2 days our present secretary works at
the moment.  I will be sad to see our
present secretary leave, as she has become a good friend. 


On Wednesday I spent a lot of the day baking
in anticipation of a Christmas coffee morning at our church to raise money for
Brazilian children.  I made mince pies,
chocolate biscuits, caramel shortbread and prepared the marzipan for the
Christmas cakes which I finished on Friday and iced ready for Christmas.  On Friday it was the last day of the Computer
course this term so we enjoyed a few nibbles and Kath the tutor and I received
Christmas presents as a thank you.  Now I
shall have a few Fridays off till January 15th 2010.


Yesterday I went down to take some of my
baking for the coffee morning at about 10.30 while my beloved slowly woke up; I
bought one or two items to support the cause. 
Later on after 12 we went down together in the car and enjoyed lovely
homemade mushroom soup and shared cheese and pickle and egg and cress
sandwiches between us, so we further supported the money raising effort.


I am glad today to be relaxing indoors away
from the pouring rain, after walking to church in wellingtons and with an
umbrella this morning.  We had a toy
service when toys were donated to our local ‘Save the Children’ shop to raise
money to help needy children round the world. 
Apparently the first charity shop for ‘Save the Children’ was in


Yesterday’s X Factor Show was interesting
but the public vote can never be predicted, so the best acts could be in
danger.  I know those who are good will
get contracts anyway in the end.


love the time I enjoy with my beloved relaxing with him at the weekend and most
evenings as long as I don’t have any meetings at church.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I
rejoice and am glad in it.





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