A Brief Update

Hello everyone!  I have been so busy preparing a service and sending off Christmas parcels, cards and letters to go online at all.  Work has been busy but good getting to know 2 new colleagues, who share the same first name, one Carol and the other Carole and grew up streets away from each other in Sunderland, even going to the same school, but never met until they both started work at our practice with a week or two of each other!!  We do live in a small world!!


We put up with watching the X Factor for weeks and weeks as we are recording it for Cathy, who loves to watch it, until the semi final last week, which was so boring that we have given up and are just recording the final for her!!  It was bliss to watch a DVD last night instead of getting frustrated with the X Factor set up.  Yesterday and today we have been enjoying listening to Christmas music, which has really got us in the Christmas spirit.  Last year my beloved was not at all well and was unable to appreciate the trappings of Christmas, so he is determined to enjoy it all this time.  Last weekend we went to Focus, as my beloved had 15% discount there instead of the normal 10% and he wanted to get some LED Christmas lights and we were fortunate to get some; in fact we got a lovely big snowflake, which flashes white/blue and some gold twigs with lights, so our front room looks quite festive, although we have not put all the decorations yet.


It was good yesterday to meet with our friends from our former chapel Oatlands for a fund raising coffee morning for Crisis at Christmas; there were several raffle prizes so almost everyone won something and all the items for sale were cleared so I hope a lot of money was raised. 


Beth just rang to let us know that Joe had won the X Factor as was predicted!!  Simon Cowell will be earning loads of money with the X Factor with rather predicted outcomes. 


We watched the more important moving and shaming program; ‘The small Island’, where I was horrified to see the attitude towards the Jamaicans; and yet still today prejudice exists towards anyone who is different; when will they ever learn?  Let us remember that we are all the same and treat all as we would wish to be treated.  This the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

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