A Day of Deep Snow when life came to a temporary standstill

Hello everyone!  I am so relieved that I chose this week to have a holiday, even though I am recovering from flu, as the snow is magnificent, but I have not had to battle through it to work!  I am feeling a little better today after my beloved’s care and support, but my legs are still rather achy and my energy level is still low.  At least yesterday I was able to start reading one of my Christmas presents, which I completed today!  However I realise I still have to rest more than I expected.  At least we have had time to catch up with videos recorded and relax together, which is perfect.  It is good to have time to rest and relax with my beloved.  The beauty of the snow is exquisite, really deep in such a short time, giving the children a surprise extra day off school to enjoy the snow.  My beloved enjoyed photographing the beautiful back garden buried under several inches of snow, before he went out to clear the feeders and replenish them for our many bird visitors, even pouring out some lukewarm water onto the bird baths to provide a drink to the birds. I was amazed although my beloved was not to see a sparrow actually splashing in the water and having a bath.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and I am glad in it.

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