Last week update

Hello everyone!  I felt awful when I had to wring on January 3rd
to say I could not take the service that evening as my cold had developed into
flu overnight and I could barely sit up never mind take a service!! A week at
home, under the great care of my beloved, enabled me to build up my strength
enough to return to work last Monday.

I have had a good week at work, although I
have felt more tired than usual; getting over flu takes longer than I expected,
but the doctor assured me on Wednesday that the many viruses around lasted at
least 4 weeks and I had to be patient!  After
great care from my beloved I was able to return to work last Monday.  I must admit it is a relief that the snow is
finally clearing and my journey to work should be less hazardous this week.

I am taking a service this evening, so I am
using the service already prepared for Starbeck Chapel at the service in Bilton
Area Church; when I was ill all my Bible readings reminded me of the importance
of balance in my life between work and leisure. 
With my enforced rest I was able to start to relax and read again and it
made me realise that I rarely did allow myself the luxury of reading.  I also realised that it was not vital to
prepare another service for tonight when I already had one prepared, especially
as my energy levels are still low.  The
doctor told me I must rest a lot to throw the flu off finally, so I will try to
be more sensible!!

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