The Joy of my Sister Janet’s wedding to Graham 06 02 10

Hello everyone!  Work has been busy but good.  On Wednesday we popped in to wish Janet a happy birthday and it was lovely to see her daughter Esther there with her husband Alfie and their 2 children Joshua and Hannah.  They had arrived ready for Janet’s wedding to Graham today.  Graham was also there enjoying the family and he had given Janet a card for her birthday which wished happy birthday to his to be wife!!  It was hectic with all the family there but Janet stopped for a moment to open her presents and felt glad of the brief sit down. 


Today I started in a leisurely way finishing my book in bed but I got up in good time to collect a prescription from the local chemist, as I had been prescribed some antibiotics and a nasal spray for my sinusitis the previous day, but was too late to get it on Friday evening.  I hope I will soon feel more myself, as the cold developed into flu in early January and in the last couple of days worsened into more acute sinusitis.  I am still trying to rest and fully recuperate, so I can get back to doing exercises; I am still hearing my daughter, Cathy’s voice telling me only to exercise again when I have felt quite well for at least 2 days, and am remaining  obedient to her counsel.


This afternoon my beloved and I made our way over to St Wilfred’s Church for the blessing on Janet and Graham’s wedding.  As soon as we had been sitting down for a few minutes my beloved began to shiver with the cold in the church and felt so bad that we thought we had better leave.  As we moved to the back of the church to slip out quietly the choir and happy couple were waiting to come in, but fortunately a lovely lady showed us where the radiators, for which we made a beeline.  After a few minutes my beloved began to warm up enough to be able to remove his hat and gloves and even later unzip his coat!  I was relieved as I had wished I had bought a rug with me for him.  We were greeted by the ushers, Matthew Richards my sister Fran’s second son, Graham’s eldest grandson, Ferdinand Holley and my brother Selwyn’s eldest son, Jonathan.


The happy couple processed into the church with the organist playing ‘The Queen of Sheba’ by Handel.  My eldest brother Canon David Goodacre officiated at the blessing of their marriage and the choir from the church sang an anthem for the happy couple.  Esther, Janet’s youngest daughter read the first lesson from Ecclesiastes on the theme of time and her sister Rachael read the second lesson from 1 John 4 on the theme of love.  One of Graham’s daughters Annabel read ‘Desiderata’ and then David gave the address, when he was sure Robert was interceding in heaven for Janet and Graham. The dedication of their marriage, which had already taken place at the registry office, was confirmed with the exchange of rings and prayers.  We as family and friends confirmed that we would support and uphold them in their marriage.  The choir then sang the anthem up next to the organ.  After that Janet and Graham went into the sanctuary and David prayed for them and we all joined in with the Lord’s Prayer.  Our first hymn had been ‘Immortal, invisible, God only wise’ and after the first reading we sang, ‘Through all the changing scenes of life’.  The concluding hymn was ‘Love Divine, all love excelling’ a rousing hymn of love and dedication; in my opinion a fitting hymn to conclude with. David then gave the blessing and Graham and Janet processed out of the church as the organist played ‘Toccata Widor’.  The service came to a triumphant conclusion.


We then dropped my brother Selwyn and his wife back at the hotel, before slipping home to have a quick breather, before returning to the Yorkshire Hotel for the reception.  It was lovely and warm in the hotel which was a blessing after the chill of the church.  It was more relaxed there for us to greet the newly married and blessed couple.  We chatted together with family, before going into the room for our meal, where we had all been allocated a table.  My beloved and I were sharing a table with Beth and Mahmood, a cousin of Graham’s and her husband, a sister and brother, also cousins of Graham and my brother Selwyn and his wife Janet.  We all had a lovely chat.  It was good to get to know some of Graham’s relatives.  We had a buffet meal to which we were invited table by table but Beth asked if there was anything she could have, as she is a celiac.  They came up trumps with a lovely salad for her and then she discovered that Graham’s cousin’s husband was also a celiac, so she made sure he also got something he could eat, even though he was going to say nothing!!  That was an amazing coincidence that she sat next to a celiac like herself!!  The cake was cut before the meal got under way and taken away for later.


The speeches were excellent; Graham’s son Christopher was puzzled about ‘my friend’ who his father had continually talked about.  When Graham said that his friend was Janet, he insisted that they were just good friends!  After Janet and Graham went to America together to meet one of his daughters and visit Esther, Alfie, Joshua and Hannah, things became serious between them.  Before meeting Janet Graham sent a photo of them together with a vintage tractor; only they were rather blurred, whereas the tractor was perfectly in focus!! Christopher was intrigued to meet Janet but found she fitted in well, in fact she seemed just like his father, when after a glass of wine she fell asleep as he always did!!  Janet had told me earlier that I was not to write anything on my blog; maybe in case I jinxed the relationship; I was only allowed to tell my daughters when they were about to get married!! 


One of Graham’s daughters who will be getting married in August also spoke about her father and Janet; she said how kind and gentle Graham was and how he would make Janet laugh.  She asked all the grandchildren to answer questions about how they saw marriage; and their answers were both funny and pertinent. The grandchildren on Janet’s side are Imogen and Hannah age 5 and Joshua age 7 and on Graham’s side, Solomon age 4, Reuben age 5 and Ferdinand age 12.  It was a lovely family occasion. 


Mary then spoke about her Mum and how she was suddenly talking about ‘my friend’, which she especially noticed when she rang her Mum for advice, expecting the usual forthright answer, she was surprised that she listened quietly before saying ‘My friend thinks that…..’  She too got to know more and more about Graham as time went on.  What she found the best part about this new friendship was how happy her Mum was.  Graham slipped easily into their family much to their joy and Janet too felt at ease with Graham’s family. 


Kathleen received a special bouquet of flowers as a thank you for all her support to Janet and she spoke of how thrilled she was about Janet’s friendship with Graham, seeing it as an answer to prayer.  She said they were made for each and that it was the nearest thing to a miracle that she had seen in her lifetime.  My beloved ended the short video he took with the words, ‘The Adventure begins..’  May they have as happy marriage as my beloved and I are blessed to share.

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