Let us take time to rest in God’s presence

Hello everyone!  This morning the service was led by Rev. Bev Hollings and was on the theme of the Transfiguration.  We began our worship by singing in praise of God; ‘Oh Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder,’ which lifted my spirits and helped me enter into worship with enthusiasm.  I was pleased to see her come down to talk to the children and indeed her talk was the most memorable part of the service for me.  She asked us if we knew what Joshua 1v5 actually said?  Somewhat shamefacedly we picked up our Bibles to look it up when she told us there was no need.  She then used her hand to illustrate her children’s talk.  She held her hand up and with her other hand she drew a ‘J’ on her hand as she said, ‘Joshua’ and then held up a finger as she said, ‘Chapter 1’ and spread her hand out as she said, ‘verse 5’.  She continued to use her hand as she quoted the verse in question starting with her little finger she moved to the thumb; ‘I will never leave you’.  She explained of course that ‘I’ was God, so it would mean ‘God will never leave you.’  She advised us to put our name in the place of you; ‘God will never leave Helen’.  Bev then used her hand again to show how God looks after us, when she showed us how to turn our thumb onto our hand and cover it with our fingers; the thumb represented us and the fingers wrapped over the thumb of course represented God.  I watched the children trying to use their hands in the same way as Bev had shown, so I am sure it was a memorable talk for them.


We sang another favourite song of mine, ‘Be still for the presence of the Lord’, as it makes me relax and sense God’s presence more.  I read the reading about Moses’ face shining after being in God’s presence in Exodus 34, whilst the second reading was of the Transfiguration in Luke 9; both mountain top experiences.  A meditation was also read about the disciples’ reaction to the Transfiguration.  We then sang another favourite hymn of mine, ‘Love Divine’, before she did her sermon. 


She had so many trains of thought in her sermon that I will share those which I remember.  She talked about the importance of making time even just a few minutes of being in God’s presence, praying, listening, being in God’s presence.  What she meant is that we are not human doers but human beings; being active all the time can mean there is no time to just rest in God’s presence and be replenished and refreshed.  I know that is important to be in God’s presence and rest in him, especially as Jesus, himself, withdrew for prayer.  Of course it is a real blessing to have mountain top experience, but we always have to come back down to earth afterwards.  We cannot always be racing from one mountain top experience to another, but we can always find comfort in such experiences when we are faced by problems in our lives.  We can too feel the comfort that God will never leave us.  The service concluded with another favourite hymn of mine, ‘There is a redeemer’ as it reminds me that Jesus has left us his spirit to be his presence with us and our helper in our daily lives.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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