A de-energised day

everyone!  We enjoyed sharing a bottle of
champagne last night as we watched most of ‘De-Lovely’ about Cole Porter, but
we did not see it all, as we wanted to watch ‘The Mentalist’ and record it for
Cathy to watch in Switzerland, as she enjoyed the last series so much.  It was lovely just to spend time together
yesterday without having to do anything else.


This morning we
were awake early as my beloved’s body clock has gone wrong; he was wide awake
at 4am, so I woke up too, but dozed as I was not so wide awake.  I did not get up early, but we had drinks at
fairly regular intervals over the next few hours; I took an opportunity to read
more of my book, the most recent of Elizabeth George’s crime novel in the
Inspector Lynley series.  I live the
story and feel compelled to grab any odd moment to get lost in the book; it is
addictive!  Otherwise I feel de-energised
and lethargic and despite the bright cold day I cannot feel bothered to do some
tidying up in the garden, even though it would be satisfying to do so.  My beloved did some chopping down and I felt
guilty but totally unmotivated to do anything! 
My beloved suggested that maybe I needed to get back to my exercise
regime, as I seemed to be rather down.  I
have decided to start it on Monday again and see how it goes.  If my normal exercises go well then after a
week I might do some exercises on the bike, but this time I will try not to
keep pushing myself to do more.  I feel
better about myself since I have admitted my feelings; it is good to write
things down as I get them in perspective.


We enjoyed Nan
bread with spicy chicken with mango chutney and salad at Café Culture as a
change this lunchtime.  It was relaxing
and we were intrigued to see the curling at the Olympics shown on the
television screen; it is a baffling and boring sport in my opinion, and I still
do not understand how the game is played. 


Now we are relaxing
together as we listen to the afternoon play and I will then be going into town
for my treat of a massage.  This is the
day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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