A lovely break with my beloved

Hello everyone!  I have had such a lovely week on holiday just
spending time with my beloved, reading, doing things on the computer, having a
couple of lunches out, a couple of trips to Café Culture for drinks and scones,
watching funny DVDs, even in bed in the morning relaxing together; yes a
wonderful way to celebrate our first 10 years of marriage.  I have also prepared my service for a week on
Sunday, especially as I have a number of evening meetings next week, so that is
relaxing.  I am also enjoying my special
gift from my beloved of my new computer. 
I just cannot believe how much faster it is at everything, printing,
opening documents, starting up and even closing down. I used to put my old
laptop on and do other things for about 20 minutes before it finally opened up,
so I could use it!  Cathy will have my
old machine, which my beloved has been working to sort out glitches; it is not
quite as slow as it was, as most of my documents have been moved onto my new
machine and my beloved has been working his magic with it.


It is so lovely to have
the lighter mornings and evenings now and to see a few brave crocuses struggle
to emerge from sodden ground; a promise of Spring on the way and today we even
had some sun trying to break through and it seemed milder as I walked home from
town.  I enjoyed the walk, although it
was cold as I set off to town.  I enjoyed
a delicious slice of date loaf with a cup of coffee and a chat with a member of
my chapel, which was good.  I had gone to
support the fair trade stall at St Peter’s Church as it is Fair Trade
fortnight; they were giving out a free fair trade banana to everyone who wanted
one and we bought a ticket for a possible hamper and guessed the weight of a
huge cake baked and donated by Betty’s. 
With a 10% voucher off at the Fair Trade shop, I bought one or two extra
items as well.  It is lovely now to relax
with my beloved this evening.  This is
the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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