A full week of activities

Hello everyone!  I have been busy at work this week to meet
the end of month deadlines which is not as taxing as we are all working
together as a team.  I love working
there, as my colleagues are great to work with.


The Acorn Centre was
quite busy on Friday and I was able to help a lot of students, so Kath the tutor
could concentrate on those needing more expert assistance.  I love to encourage the students and see some
grow in confidence.


Today I have been very busy
but it has been enjoyable.  This morning
I went to our local coffee morning, which was raising money for Marie Curie
today and there were a lot of people there, so I hope we have raised a good
amount of money.  It was lovely to catch
up with my friends from Oatlands Chapel; we meet up monthly now our chapel has
closed and raise money for different causes. 
I then walked into town to get some items I had run out of.  The weather was so beautiful, bright, crisp,
cold and sunny that I enjoyed my walk immensely and found myself smiling all
the time. 


On my return home I had
a quick refreshing rest, drink and banana whilst enjoying the suntrap of our
back garden.  I then set off to deliver
leaflets and letters for the Liberal Democrats and completed half my allotted
roads; so I took a break to cook some bacon and egg for my beloved for lunch
and some steamed vegetables for me and enjoyed the afternoon radio play.  After lunch I delivered the rest of the
leaflets and letters in our road.  All
went well until I had almost finished when I turned my right foot awkwardly as
I stepped off a doorstep and I heard a crack and felt initially sick, but
managed to hobble the last few feet home! 
I could at least weight bear so it could not be broken although it is
quite tender and I have to walk carefully! 
I am now sitting with my foot covered with a flannel inside a wine
sleeve to reduce the swelling!  However I
am sure it will soon feel more normal! 
My beloved has been most concerned and attentive to my needs! This is
the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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