A true Mothering Sunday Celebration

Hello everyone!  I managed to sleep better after I had taken 2
paracetamol in the night and I had a drink of Red Bush tea at 3 am.  I rubbed some ibuleve on my foot before
driving to church, as I was unable to walk as far.  It was a lovely service for Mothering Sunday
with the Sunday School children singing two songs for us, complete with
actions; ‘If I were a butterfly …’ and ‘Jesus love is very wonderful’ were sung
beautifully with the appropriate actions, even though one of the youngest
children age 4+ suddenly was too shy to leave his mum, until she offered to go
with him and then he shot off alone to join his friends!!  The local preacher Donald Rolls was brilliant
with the children, as he was a deputy head and is now working part time.  He chatted easily with them, asking if they
had cooked mum breakfast, but they had not much to the relief of one of the
mums, as the eldest children are only 10! 
He read the description one 8 year old girl had written to describe a
Grandma.  It was very funny, as she
assumed she did not have children, had nothing to do but to be there, was
usually old, fat, and could not run as younger people could; they even took
their teeth out!!  I remember as a young
child that I wanted to take my teeth out just like Dad did, but fortunately
that is not the case now I am older!!  I
suppose it seemed glamorous to me, at least until Mother had all her bottom row
removed at once; my memories are of her looking green and no longer finding it
as easy to eat things like apples and I decided it no longer seemed such an
attractive proposition!


Donald talked about his
childhood and described how he and his brother had been late back one evening
and found the door locked!!  As they
decided to find somewhere for the night the door opened and their mother told
them not to go anywhere.  The next day
Donald offered to wash the car, but still the atmosphere was not as usual,
until the boys said they were sorry and would not do it again, when the
atmosphere returned to normal!  He
remembers the time when he gave his younger daughter a lift to school but she
did not want anyone to see him, so she insisted on being dropped off half a
mile before the school!!  Children get
easily embarrassed by their parents and parents do worry and suffer on their
children’s behalf; I know because if I could I would always protect my 2
daughters from things going wrong! 


He also told a story
about a boy who had learnt to play the trumpet and was asked to join the school
concert and he came home very excited about it. 
He had always felt that his mother was different from other mothers as she
had hands which were deformed and she could not do her household chores easily.  She was so proud of his achievement and
talked about having a new dress to wear to see him perform.  The week before the concert her son said that
she did not need to come to the concert, whenever she mentioned it.  Then she asked him why he did not want her to
come and he admitted that he did not want anyone to see his mother’s hands, as
he was embarrassed by them.  His mother
then told him how she had got such hands. 
One day when he was a baby the house set on fire and he was in his bedroom,
so she battled through the flames and managed to rescue him, but her hands were
badly damaged.  Since then she had had
several operations to get them as they were. 
The boy’s eyes filled with tears as he realised that his mother had
loved him so much that she sacrificed her hands to save his life.  He was no longer embarrassed by her hands as
they were the symbol of how she had saved his life and his mother was really
proud to see how well he performed at the concert.  He walked home with her holding her hand.


In just the same way,
Donald reminded us of how Jesus suffered and died for us, because he loved us so
much.  He was ready to forgive us when we
said we were sorry; the woman who came to Jesus and anointed him with expensive
perfume showed how much she loved him, as he had forgiven her for her sins,
after she had said she was sorry.  Donald
told us not to forget to tell our mums how much we loved them and to say sorry
when we have made mistakes.  It was a
vivid family service which would I am sure mean a lot to the children as well
as us adults.  The children distributed
flowers to the mothers in the congregation, in fact to all women during the
closing hymn, which was appropriately ‘Love divine all loves excelling’. 


This lunchtime we went
over to Beth’s as she and Mahmood prepared lunch for us, which was a change. I
thanked Beth for her gifts of a teddy and a MUM ornament as well. I was able to
elevate my foot comfortably whilst I was there. 
We had delicious trout and salmon served with boiled potatoes, roasted
fennel, salad and rice after a melon starter. 
To complete the meal we had a gluten free carrot cake, which Beth had
cooked, so she could eat it as well; it was very tasty. 


After lunch it was time
to go on Skype to talk with Cathy and sure enough she was soon calling me.  I thanked her for her lovely letter and card
she sent for today and the beautiful big bunch of flowers her partner Ken
brought round for me from her.  As I was
still at Beth’s Cathy could not see which flowers Ken had chosen on her behalf,
Malcolm is now trying to photograph the flowers so Cathy can see them. He is
arranging them now as he did not have time to do them before going for lunch.  It was lovely to have a chat with her as well
as seeing Beth.  My beloved managed to
take a few pictures of us talking and laughing together, even ones with Cathy
on through Skype; what a wonderful invention the internet is!  This is the day that the Lord has made and I
rejoice and am glad in it.



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