A Busy Week again

Hello everyone!  I have been busy all week at work summarising
patient notes and we are now 1% from the needed total of overall summaries,
which I should manage to do before the end of the month, which is a relief.  I worked on Wednesday morning at the surgery
as well as my usual days this week and I had also a busy day at the Acorn
Centre helping students.

I had three nights out
this week, which is more than I like, as I prefer to spend time with my
beloved, especially as I have been doing a lot of extra work this week.  On Tuesday I was at our church executive
meeting and I chose to go to the Lent group on Wednesday, as we are doing a 5
week course in preparation for Easter and I find it very helpful to be part of
a group.  It was very interesting and
challenging focussing on those who are outsiders in any community.  We have been following the York Course ‘When
I survey…’ and it has been good at stimulating discussion; I would recommend
the course.


On Friday evening I was
out at our ‘Christmas’ meal with the staff at our doctor’s and we had a lovely
meal and good chats at ‘The Fox and the Hound’ at Walton on the way to Thorpe
Arch.  One of our receptionists organised
everything for the meal most efficiently and even had place cards for us all,
which reminded us of our meal choices! 
Although I enjoyed the meal and company I was glad to be able to return
to be with my beloved; especially as I do not usually eat as late in the
evening and I was ready for bed at 11pm, when I set off for home! 


On Wednesday afternoon
I had my hair done, which was a relaxing experience, which was lovely.  On Saturday afternoon I had another treat of
a massage, as I had some money off.  It
made me feel much better and I was then able to relax and enjoy being with my
beloved yesterday evening.


My foot has improved as
the week has gone on but I still am much more reliant on driving than usual, as
I cannot walk as far, as it is still painful. 
The swelling has reduced a lot and the bruising has come out along my
toes, along the side of my foot towards the base of the foot on both sides and
over the top of my foot, so it does look quite spectacular!


Today I got upset as I
have received a fixed parking penalty, when I did not realise it was necessary
to display the parking disc on a Sunday; I only parked while I was at church
and the paid parking charges are waived on the streets on a Sunday; in the car
park parking is free until 1pm, whilst people are at church.   My beloved compiled a letter to accompany
the cheque to pay the fine explaining that I had not realised I needed to put
out the parking disc on a Sunday.  Thanks
to my beloved’s sensible reaction and hug I calmed down, but I hate breaking
the law however inadvertently and I will always now use a parking disc whatever
the day is.  It is lovely to relax with
my beloved this afternoon and enjoy a lovely chat with Cathy via Skype.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I
rejoice and am glad in it.

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