Let us build our house on the rock

Hello everyone!  This morning was the Guild Service led by our
minister Shaun and he was good at incorporating the themes from our Lenten
group and the Guild charity news.  He
showed the children a plastic globe and pointed to Nigeria, where the Guild supports
the health care.  I also support Nigeria
Mental Health care as an individual. 
Shaun introduced us to the teaspoon prayer, which is tsp – thank you,
sorry, please; something which is easy to remember for us and the
children.  He gave us all a rock to
remind us to build our house on the rock of the church; even when we come to
rock bottom in our lives God is there, as Psalm 139 reminds us. 

He read a poem found on
the floor of Ravensbruck Women’s concentration camp, which expressed prayers in
support of those who were suffering there, but also prayed in gratitude to
those who tormented them; why you might ask as indeed I would?  She prayed thanks for the way those torments
led to their growth in grace and their growth in unity together in the
devastating circumstances.  I find such a
prayer moving and poignant, especially as that unknown women died in that
camp.  My mother always wondered how she
would have coped in such a situation and whether she could have kept the
faith.  Whatever we face we are not alone
even if we are not conscious of Jesus’ presence, as he carries us when life is
at its worst; we can see that when we look back and realise he has upheld
us.  Jesus is our rock and helper.

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