Our extra work has paid off

Hello everyone!  I have had another full week of work, even working a few hours on my day off, but I have reached one of the deadlines, which is a relief.  I was also busy on Friday at the Acorn Centre, so I am looking forward to a shorter week at work with the holiday. I met Beth my elder daughter after the few hours at work on Wednesday and we went for a drink and chat; I had a cake, whilst she ate one I had brought with me, as she is a celiac and the café did not have any gluten free cakes.  It was good to meet her and we explored Wetherby a little together.  I am really glad that Cathy is home for a few days now, as it is good for her to spend some time with her partner Ken and I love to see her.  We will be meeting up on Wednesday morning for a drink at Café Culture at our local shops, which I always enjoy.

It has been better this week, as I have only had one evening out and been able to spend more evenings relaxing with my beloved. It was the final Lent meeting on Wednesday, which was very enjoyable as I liked the cell group from St Peter’s Church I had joined for the Lent Course.  It was good to meet in a large comfortable sitting room by a roaring fire, even though I could have dozed off after busy days!

I returned from a busy day at work on Thursday to discover more newspapers and letters to deliver for the Liberal Democrats, so I delivered them in two stages yesterday, half before I was at the Acorn Centre and the second half after helping at the Centre.  Fortunately my foot has improved enough for me to be able to do more walking now, although all the bruising has not yet cleared from it.  It tends to ache more than it did before I hurt it, but my beloved felt that that could be because I had not been able to do much walking since I sprained it.  At least this time I did not do any further damage as I delivered the letters and papers!

I managed a walk into town today, which made me feel as though I am back to normal!  On my return my beloved and I went for a light lunch at the Café Culture, which made a lovely change.

It was interesting to see the very active mating frogs and watch as more frogspawn is deposited in our ponds!  I don’t remember seeing so many amorous frogs before; usually the frogspawn just appeared in the pond.  My beloved took some really good photos of their mating activities!  When we saw them today they were almost posing for more photos!!  We are enjoying a relaxing evening listening to CDs, before we watch and record CSI NY for my daughter Cathy.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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