A short resume of my week

Hello everyone!  I have been very busy at work this week doing
letters, as our secretary was on holiday, so I will be glad to get back to
doing my usual work next week, so I hope I can get up to date with it.  I worked overtime on Wednesday but I hope
that I can have my day off next week.  I
was able to relax on Friday more as I was not at the Acorn Centre, but I was
busy working on my sermon for Sunday.  Today
I went to our local coffee morning and was glad to see a few of my friends,
although there were not so many there today as usual.  Tomorrow afternoon we are having an afternoon
tea at my old chapel so there may be more there tomorrow. 


The weather is so
lovely at the moment warm bright sunshine and it makes me feel so good.  The garden is coming to life and even some of
the tadpoles are swimming in our small pond; new life is indeed springing
forth.  My beloved saw a small tortoise shell
butterfly and a peacock butterfly and plenty of bees.  The goldfish especially one have grown fat
over the winter and were basking in the sunshine.  One of our neighbours cut the leggy tops of a
privet hedge down for us and when he was doing that he spotted a perfectly
woven nest hidden deep in the hedge, which even incorporated a shard of glass,
most likely last year’s nest and so well camouflaged!  My beloved has taken some lovely pictures of
flowers in the garden in the last few days. 
I love living in England, as we are so blessed in each season of the
year. I love the fresh growth of leaves, blossom and flowers in spring.  This is the day that the Lord has made and I
rejoice and am glad in it.

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