Jesus is alive and with us holding and carrying us when times are hard!

Hello everyone!  It is another lovely day and I enjoyed leading
worship this morning at Trinity Chapel, as I love the Easter season and
celebrating our Saviour Jesus’ resurrection. 
We sang a lot of Easter hymns, ‘The day of resurrection’, ‘Low in the
grave he lay’, ‘Good Christians all, rejoice and sing’, ‘I know that my
redeemer lives’ and ‘Jesus lives! Thy terrors now Can, O death, no more appal
us.’  I think that I would like to use
resurrection hymns more through the year as we worship our risen Lord each
day.  I had my Easter Story Eggs for
today’s children’s address but as there are 12 of them, I had them given out
before the service.  The three children
had one each and others were distributed through the congregation and choir,
and I noticed that everyone in the congregation was alert to see where the next
egg was, and what its message was for us. 
The eggs all had events from Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday and culminating
on Easter Day and the children often had the answers if members of the
congregation were puzzled and others helped the children.  The egg which proved a bit confusing seemed
to be the 3, 5p pieces, which signified the 30 pieces of silver.  As the theme of the sermon was the fear and
doubt of the disciples after the death of Jesus, when they were behind locked
doors, when Jesus appeared in their midst, I thought it was important to remind
the congregation of the events of Holy week; that I felt would help them to
understand how the disciples were so afraid and preferred to keep a low
profile.  Thomas so wanted to believe
that Jesus had come to them, but he was still so overcome with his grief and
maybe he felt he needed to cope with it some of the time on his own.  However he told them he would only believe if
he put his hands in his hands and in his side, but as soon as he saw Jesus he
had no more doubts, but greeted him as his Lord and his God!  Jesus acknowledged that he now believed but
he knew many would believe, who had not seen him.  Doubts are not to be condemned as there are
times when life is hard and we feel far from God, but as we hang in there,
those feelings can pass; after I lost my first husband in difficult
circumstances, I felt that being a Christian was all pain and prayer did not
come easily.  A lady vicar told me to
wait in God’s presence and just offer Him myself, even if I could not pray and
fortunately my faith has returned and is deeper now.  I know that not everyone is as fortunate and I
feel for Mother Theresa who felt abandoned by God, and yet kept loving and
serving the most vulnerable in Calcutta, in their final moments, making sure
that they were not alone.  Faith is just
hanging on despite no longer feeling God is with you and that is just what she
did.  She could have despaired and given
up her life’s service but she carried on, never giving up.  Remember that we can always say, ‘I believe ….
Help my unbelief;’ and then Jesus is there routing for us and carrying us even
if we feel alone and struggle with what life has for us.

Alleluia!  He has risen! He has risen indeed!  This is the day that the Lord and I rejoice
and am glad in it.


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