Mixed Emotions on this lovely day

everyone!  I had a slow start to the day,
which was lovely, although Cathy phoned as I was on my exercise bike to say it
would be impossible for her to come over for Joseph’s baptism.  I felt so gutted for her as she was so
thrilled that Kate had asked her to be his godmother and now she cannot be
there!  Kate is going to have a blessing
for Joseph when Cathy comes home on another weekend as she will have missed the
baptism.  She will still be his godmother
though.  She could not come by train even
as Eurostar is fully booked as well!  I
still did not get up too early this morning, as I am on holiday!  I opened the door to release a large spider
which was on our front door with the wonderful suction spider catcher from
Lakeland, even though the spider fought against the suction it could not
escape!  When I opened the front door I
was surprised to find a bag outside with two raffle ticket prizes from the
coffee morning last week, which I did not know I had won!!  It was a raspberry drink and a tin of
potatoes, both which are welcome additions!


I then took
the christening presents over to Kate’s parents for Cathy for the ceremony
tomorrow. I had a lovely chat with her mum and sister, Sarah; both of whom felt
so sorry for Cathy, especially as they realised how seriously she was taking
her duty as Joseph’s godmother.


My beloved
and I went to get supplies for the garden first from the garden centre, and
then replenish food stocks for the birds from Pets at Home ready for our garden
focussed afternoon.  I prepared bacon,
black pudding and fried egg for my beloved for lunch and steamed vegetables for
myself, followed by organic strawberries on offer this week from Waitrose.  Then sustained we started to do some
gardening, digging out roots of our prolific Japanese Anemones, so we can plant
a greater variety of rock plants.  I also
began my slow progress of tackling the emerging ground elder and dandelions
springing up fresh this spring.  It was
so lovely and warm and sunny.  I love our
garden and so does my beloved. I do hope that he has not overdone it when
planting new plants in our rockery. 


We have
just been enjoying much to our surprise, ‘Over the rainbow’ on the BBC, as
those wishing to play Dorothy are so talented and such lovely people.  They are all so willing to learn and improve
and unlike the X Factor Finalists they are willing to accept the constructive
criticism.  The audience is also not
critical of the judges who criticise those wishing to be Dorothy.  There is just one group of students who share
the same judges but are all mentored by them all, so there is not the same
rivalry of judges for ‘their’ candidates as in the X Factor; that is much
better we feel.  I love my feeling of
holiday and relaxation with my beloved.  This
is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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