Jesus is with us every day

Hello everyone!  This morning our minister spoke very well in
the service.  His children’s address was
well attended by the children as he kept producing his props out of a bag.  First he brought out 2 cuddly sheep, one of
which went ‘baa’ obediently when turned upside, being the mummy calling for its
errant lamb!  That kept all our
attention.  The other sheep then ‘gave
birth’ to 3 little lambs, one of which was a black sheep!  The story behind his props was of the disciples
after Jesus had died when they had returned to Galilee and did not know what to
do.  Jesus came again to them to remind
them to feed his sheep when he had helped them succeed in catching fish, which
they had failed to do in the previous night’s fishing.  When they put their nets out on the other side
they caught a lot of fish.  Jesus then
invited them to have breakfast with him. 
Peter had denied that he knew Jesus three times before he died and now
Jesus has come to ask him 3 times to feed his sheep.  Jesus had appeared to them a few times since
he had risen but he was trying to tell them they had all the knowledge and
skills needed to carry on teaching the people as Jesus had done.  They had to feed the sheep. 


We sang some lovely
Easter hymns such as ‘This joyful Eastertide,’ and ‘Now the green blade rises’,
as well as lovely hymns of faith, ‘At the name of Jesus’ and ‘To God be the
glory’.  We also sang one of my favourite
hymns from the Iona Community, ‘Will you come and follow me if I but call your
name?’  I particularly love the verse, ‘Will
you love the you, you hide and never be the same’, as it shows how we are to
love ourselves just as Jesus loves and accepts us.  We are in the Easter Season and rejoice in
our risen Lord, but we are to rejoice every day as we having a living Lord with
us each day. 


Shaun described a trip
out from Iona to another island in a rather stormy sea, when the captain
wondered if he should have taken the tourists out in it!  The adults clung to the sides of the boat,
holding on for dear life, but a small boy thought it was funny and giggled as
he slid from one side of the fishing boat to another, where he was sitting
between his parents.  Most adults were
terrified but he just kept laughing as it was exciting to him.  On one occasion a large wave swept him over
the edge and he was only saved by a passenger who grasped his leg, but he still
kept laughing!  What it is to be a
child!  When I was 13 we went by liner to
Australia and was really seasick in the Bay of Biscay and wondered how I would
cope with 28 days at sea!  However I soon
got my sea legs. Towards the end of our journey we went through the Great
Australian Bight and it was then fun.  We
laughed as we tried to walk along the corridors as we went from side to side;
it was fun!  I remember how my father
refused to have a bath when the water kept covering him and then leaving him
uncovered!  My mother was not so
concerned and bathed despite the ship’s movement, but remembering that always
makes me smile.  Anyway the point of that
was that Shaun felt secure even though he clung onto the ship, because the
captain was relaxed.  He stood at ease
moving with the movement of the ship without holding onto anything.  In the midst of the struggles of life Jesus
is there calm and our support!  This is
the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.


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