I love the new life of spring when the garden comes to life.

Hello everyone!  I have had a lovely week off work, just
spending time with my beloved and the weather has been beautiful.  Every day we have spent some time in the
garden tackling weeds, notably our rampant ground elder and now a large number
of dandelions which have suddenly sprung to life, shining defiantly with their
bright yellow heads!  We have also been
restructuring part of our centre bed to make it more of a rockery and adding
new heathers and other plants enjoying a well drained soil.  We have enjoying swapping plants around and
last night some welcome rain has begun to help them settle in to their new


Our miniature ponds are
alive with tadpoles and a fairly large number are still surviving in the main
pond, despite our hungry goldfish and orfes, which enjoy some live titbits at
times!  Our birds are in the courting
mood so we hope there will soon be some baby birds, as it is fascinating
watching them being fed by their parents. 
The bird song is a treat in our garden too; dunnocks, house sparrows,
starlings, goldfinches and a robin are amongst our avian visitors.  I have been so fortunate with the weather
this week and it has been a treat to be more in the garden and see some order
coming to our main beds.  I even rescued
a plant growing in our pebbles with attractive leaves and my beloved potted it,
even though we don’t know what it is.  I
also rescued a Buddleia which had started to grow in the pebbles and my beloved
placed that in a large pot in the front garden to attract butterflies there; we
already have two Buddleia bushes in our back garden, which attract a good
number of butterflies in season.  We have
already spotted an odd butterfly this year which is earlier than last
year.  Some of our heathers and other
rockery plants are blooming beautifully together with our forsythia.  The apple blossom is almost ready to come out
and our peony is ready to flower; the daffodils are in bloom and the bluebells
are beginning to develop buds.  I love
the spring garden as it is so full of life both floral, insect, bird and of
course are fat goldfish and the more streamline orfes.  I am so fortunate to have so much beauty on
our doorstep.

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