Back to work again!

Hello everyone!  I have had a busy and enjoyable week at work
catching up with scanning and doing some summaries, although I have not yet got
all my coding up to date.  It is most
important to get letters on the computer for the doctors to access, so that was
my first goal.  I was soon in the swing
of it amongst my lovely colleagues, refreshed after my break with my


On Monday evening two
worship leaders, who are my friends from my former chapel, Brian and Fred came
round to discuss the service I am leading on Sunday at their chapel.  It was good to choose hymns together to fit
my theme and it was so helpful to have the input from them.  We will be doing a dramatised reading on
Sunday and they will be doing the prayers and together we will lead worship.  In that way the congregation will feel more a
part of the worship. 


It is good to see the
rain this evening, as the garden had been getting rather dry.  My beloved has been moving some plants to
more suitable areas in the garden and it is good to get them rained in.  I was very lucky with the weather when I had
my week off, but I hope the weather is not wet all weekend, as I want to get in
the garden to tackle more of the ground elder tomorrow.  I did not have time today, as the computer
course has started again today, so I was helping at the Acorn Centre; it was
good to see a few new students today as well.


Now it is lovely to
relax with my beloved listening to the radio after we have enjoyed a laugh
watching the documentary about ‘Not the Nine O’clock News’ followed by a
classic episode, recorded last Christmas; we have finally seen the recording
and I was pleasantly surprised to find it funnier than I had expected!  I found myself laughing again as we
transferred it to DVD earlier this evening. 
What amused me most was the way they played with actual news footage and
edited it to dramatic effect.  It was an
important comment on Thatcher Britain, which I probably appreciate more 30
years on than I would have done as young mum in her 20’s; although I did
recognise the damage done by her government and feel that our country has never
fully recovered from it  I loved to watch
Malcolm’s helpless laughter at certain sketches and his amusement when he had
to explain some to me!!  We will soon be
enjoying some wine together and watching the Mentalist and Grey’s Anatomy,
which is perfect in such good company.  This
is the day that the Lord has made and I rejoice and am glad in it.

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